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MEC’s virtual reality caters a unique education platform through which it generates investment tools for its users. MetaEnglishCity establishes a new perspective of English Education through its crypto platform. Moreover, its exclusive Token begins a new era for intelligent opportunities and experiences.

Meta English City is building the world of the future for people who embrace the revolution. In a recent development, it has released Meta English Token. It brings learning together with life experiences by presenting an efficient education environment to students and teachers with the support of latest technologies. 

Meta English City is a virtual city that makes it easier for you to learn English with a great number of active students and teacher population focused on advancing English education. Its objectives are to help its residents gain experience, expand their knowledge or teach their students. MEC is leading an innovative way of teaching and learning with a unique education system and handy learning and teaching tools both on the Metaverse and other platforms. 


MEC ushers a new era in education by combining the virtual world with education. MEC students can socialize, practice speaking and meet new people in the city, where they can establish lessons through its platform. They may also participate in activities in the town such as concerts, gigs, seminars, panels and many more.  

MEC’s virtual reality is built on education and investment. Meta English City is a meticulously built-in virtual reality. Users can create their avatars and an infinite world opens for them. They may choose to stay anonymous or create a representative of their real identity. There are pharmacies, cafes, supermarkets, marketplaces, stores, educational areas, billboards, and streets in the city, anything you may see in real life. Users socialize here, meet people, and even go to concerts. The contribution of virtual reality to experience is undeniable. Therefore, MEC students reinforce their education with adventure. They can try what they have learned with their friends on the streets of the MEC. Infinite educational experience awaits in MEC’s virtual reality.

MEC enables its students to carry out the following activities that would benefit them in the future:

  • Learn from the experts and study in private classes.
  • Improve speaking, listening, and writing skills.
  • Make new friends to practice with (take a break at the cafe with their friends or chat while walking around the streets)
  • Explore and experience daily life in English (Markets, taxis, cafes, pharmacies, and everything one can imagine on the street are available in the city.)

Additionally, MEC works with innovative, productive instructors and understands the new age, with an education system that has never been done before in Metaverse. A special class is created at MEC where students can learn English appropriately. While teaching a new language to enthusiastic students, they work in a virtual environment where students keep their energy and expectations high.

Furthermore, MEC embraces investors who want to leave a mark in the world of the future and grow their brands. Meta English City, with a comprehensive student profile, expert instructors, and a large population, is the right address for rational investors. 

Intending users may visit the following links for further information and available services. 

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | Discord

Media Contact

Media Contact: Mec Academy ( Meta English City)

Contact Person: Salih Demir

Email: Send Email

City: Antalya

Country: Turkey


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