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Santa Rosa, CA: Larsen Energy Systems offers HVAC maintenance services to clients in Sonoma County. Like other home systems, heating and cooling units are prone to thermostat malfunctions, dirty filters, and blown fuses. Regardless of the system breakdown, the team checks the possible cause before starting the restoration process. The family-owned and operated company uses different ways to restore the system, such as cleaning the motors, checking electrical connections, changing filters, purging the condensate drain, and cleaning evaporative/condensing coils.

In addition, the Santa Rosa HVAC experts offer repair services in case of emergencies. In most cases, the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems may break without warning, making the home or workplace inhabitable. To ensure the client’s property (commercial or residential) is well-ventilated and comfortable (at all times), the team is on standby to handle such cases. The technicians also analyze every system component before repairing or replacing the faulty parts. Alternatively, clients can schedule regular checks, which are more advisable, whether the unit is new or old.

Larsen Energy Systems also specializes in AC repairs, maintenance, and installation services. Clients with AC that does not turn on, freezes up, makes noise, has a refrigerant leak, or has a faulty electrical control can get assistance from the experienced team. It also offers scheduled maintenance services to fend off problems before they occur. Apart from repairing and maintenance services, the technicians specialize in AC replacements. The replacement process starts by giving clients a complimentary estimate of the project before deciding on the ideal AC brand and equipment.

The family-owned business has an experienced team offering air ventilation systems repair and replacements, especially for clients with stuffy homes or dirty air. They diagnose the system before repairing or replacing it to protect homeowners or employees from allergies, the risk of certain diseases, and infections. Also, they offer regular inspections and maintenance services, assisting them in maintaining vents and ductwork for longer. Another benefit of routine diagnoses and maintenance is avoiding costly repairs and replacements, which can negatively dent their finances.

The insured and bonded company also repairs faulty furnaces, particularly those with faulty thermostats, dirty and clogged filters, cracked heat exchangers, and switch malfunction. If the current furnace system is badly damaged, the company offers replacement service by ensuring the new system is fine-tuned correctly and functions optimally. Like in other HVAC repair and replacement services, commercial and residential clients can contact the team for a free and itemized estimate.

Larsen Energy Systems is located at 5363 Wilshire Drive, Santa Rosa, CA, 85404. Clients interested in HVAC repair and replacement services can contact the team at 707-360-4822. Visit the company’s website for more information.

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