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Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, 6th June 2022, ZEXPRWIREKeely Harris, Fort Worth’s top-rated realtor, has outdone herself again. She has just sold a home for 25% over asking.  The average home often sells for only 1 – 3% above its listing price. However, Keely and her team were able to get 25% over the listing price with 15 offers in just a week. 

How Keely Harris Sold The Beautiful Home for 25% Over Asking 

The primary reason this house sold well over asking is that Keely Harris, in collaboration with the owner, went the extra mile to make it outstanding. The home needed some touch-ups to restore it to its pristine condition.

Keely Harris said, “The kitchen and bathroom were especially in bad shape, with outdated features. We had to give these areas a facelift. Our primary goal was to spruce up this house and bring the best out of its features and ensure it was ready for the new occupants.”

With Keely’s guidance, the seller managed to fix everything that was out of place, including kitchen floor replacement, wood floor refinishing, and interior painting.

They also hired a landscaper to give the backyard garden a breath of fresh air. The overall outcome was impressive, explaining why the house received over ten offers in just three days of its listing. 

While it is rare for homes in Fort Worth to get 25% over asking, it is an achievable fit when the owners are willing to go the extra mile to make their homes stand out. 

About Keely Harris

Keely Harris is an accomplished real estate agent and a Certified Negotiating Expert with over 17 years of experience. She prides herself on being among the top 1% of  Fort Worth realtors, thanks to her extensive experience, unparalleled negotiating skills, excellent customer service, and commitment to meeting clients’ needs. 

She has several awards under her belt, including being a Dallas’ Top Producer in 2016 and a “D Magazine’s Best Real Estate Agents in Dallas” every year since 2013.  Fort Worth Magazine recently named her a 2022 Top Realtor.

For More Information

Anyone looking to buy, sell or rent a property can contact Keely Harris at (817) 412-0941 or visit her website for more information.







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