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Kona, Hawai’i: Honu House Hawai’i, one of Hawaii’s most innovative holistic healing treatment centers, is turning the Hawai’i Island recovery world on its head. Aimed at creating true, lasting recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, they utilize a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to rehabilitation.

Unlike any other Hawai’i addiction treatment services, Honu House addresses each level of their patients’ self, operating under the philosophy that mental and behavioral illnesses need to be addressed holistically at the levels of mind, body, and spirit.

Their luxurious, peaceful Kona residence, nestled among their breathtaking volcanic coffee orchards, provides locally sourced chef-made meals to nurture each person into total wellness. In addition to recovery support groups, each guest embarks on a journey specially designed just for them. Guests receive personalized care from professional therapists, as well as experiencing life-altering treatments such as cold water exposure, nature immersion, adventure therapy, horticultural programming, guided breathwork, meditation, and exercise regimens.

By offering a natural healing treatment program, one with a multi-faceted approach, Honu House is providing its residents with the real life tools to regulate stress, heal from past trauma, and experience freedom as they’ve never known.

Co-Founder and Breathwork Specialist Nick Terry describes addiction and mental health recovery by using the illustration of a tree, wherein the visible symptoms of disease are found in the branches. “At the roots of the tree are the core issues, oftentimes unprocessed grief, traumas and emotional pain,” he says. Whereas many treatment centers traditionally focus on symptoms alone, Mr. Terry goes on to say what makes Honu House unique is that they have, “designed a program that aims to create an environment that’s conducive to healing the roots and not just the branches.”

With a firm belief in the holistic healing approach, Honu House was originally created for people who had previously been unsuccessful in their attempts at sobriety, and their results thus far have been nothing less than phenomenal. In addition to alcohol and addiction treatment, Honu House’s integrative therapeutic approach is proving beneficial to people who suffer from a wider spectrum of mental health and behavioral disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

The evidence-based treatment program employed by Honu House not only works in concert with traditional medicine (and in fact improves its effects), it also equips patients with new life skills, hobbies, coping mechanisms, and tools to manage life confidently, regardless of the triggers and difficulties that will arise along their continued journey forward.

Honu House Hawaii is a residential program usually consisting of at least a 30 day stay, in which every aspect of a resident’s well being is overseen by qualified, compassionate professionals. Food, lodging, all treatments, and transportation are included in their healing experience, and always within a community of safety and support.

The large, luxurious residence houses 9 guests at a time, and each guest will be guided through everything they need to traverse, transform, and transcend victoriously over the struggles they arrived with.

Anyone interested in learning more about the life changing experience at Honu House is encouraged to reach out to them directly at 808 895-7356 or learn more at their website, https://hawaiiislandsoberliving.com/.

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