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Patients looking to improve the appearance or functionality of their teeth in Carmel, Indiana, have new options now, as Dr. Linderman Dentistry has expanded its range of services to include veneers, whitening, and dental implants. With a full range of services, patients can receive anything from quick cosmetic repairs to full dental replacements.

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Included in the new range of services are several options that provide near-instant, low-maintenance dental repairs that can cover or replace discolored, broken, or gapped teeth. Veneers have become increasingly popular in recent years as a quick-fix for many dental problems, that is both affordable and long-lasting.

With a few precautions, dental veneers can last between 10 and 30 years, which is longer than many other repair options currently available. While patients with veneers can eat just about anything without concerns, veneers are made of porcelain, and can still break under excessive pressure.

Most patients choose veneers because of their durability, price, and easy installation. Unlike many dental procedures, they require very little preparation or modification of a patient’s mouth. The veneers are thin porcelain shells that a dentist can cement directly to the front of a patient’s teeth, providing them with an immediate improvement to their smile and their dental functionality.

For teeth with more serious complications, Dr. Linderman Dentistry offers a full range of other services, including dental implants, which can fix the most serious complications by replacing the entire tooth. They also offer bridges, dentures, and crowns.

To help patients with aesthetic problems that have not compromised their teeth, the dental office also provides professional teeth whitening services. Teeth whitening is not a one-time procedure, and will probably need to be repeated occasionally to renew the bright appearance of teeth, but it provides significant results in a brief time.

Dr. Linderman Dentistry is a family-owned practice that is currently in its second generation serving the people of Carmel, Indiana. Dr. Linderman has previously taught at a school of dentistry and practiced pediatric dentistry for 5 years before joining the family practice.

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