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United States, King NewsWire, James Niu Wolfgramm is a Utah businessman, human rights activist, and anti-war protester. He is an inspirational leader of the community helping youth and teaching them about their heritage. He continues to help law enforcement as well as children.

Wolfgramm will donate another 100,000 Honeywell masks and 100,000 boxes of FDA Nitrile Medical Gloves to protect the people of Tonga, after already donating that amount in February 2022 after a Tsunami hit following the the eruption of the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai Volcano.

Since 1995 James has been a serial entrepreneur focusing on developing “crypto” solutions and transactional computer applications as well as real estate investments and international trading.

Mr. Wolfgramm and his family have been long-time residents of Orem and active members of the Tongan community in Utah. James says; “My roots are in Tonga and with cooperation from the Kingdom, we will distribute our powerful, three-month, persistent disinfectant,” said James Niu Wolfgramm, Former Executive Advisor of Trilithon Global / Ohana company and active member of the LDS Church.

With this eco-friendly technology, James Wolfgramm hopes that this will help the war of COVID-19 Pandemic in the Tonga and other South Pacific Regions.

James has also dedicated part of his time to helping law enforcement and the community, believing that now more than ever we need to back and support law enforcement and their ability to protect children and families from harm.

James Niu Wolfgramm is a man who has given most of his wealth to charitable causes and provided for his loved ones. James Wolfgramm has been recognized as the Most Generous Man in America by Reader’s Digest for six years straight.

He also puts a lot of time in mining for cryptocurrencies which requires sophisticated machinery that enables a user to “mine,” which is how new units of the cryptocurrency are made. Mining equipment also needs large amounts of electricity to power, investing his own money to assure he has what it needs to power such equipment.

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