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United States, 5th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, released the top list of movies and tv show streaming sites. All sites have been carefully curated and selected from a list of 100 movie sites. If you are a movie lover and like to watch movies and tv shows online, this list will help you find the sites you have been looking for.

These sites have been rated in several criteria like content, design and ease of use. Some of these sites are designed like netflix and some of these are designed like youtube, but most of them have unique UI, this makes them very appealing and high quality. 

All the sites have a well designed and useful search engine which you can use to search any detail about your favorite movie in no time.

Writers at the best streaming site have explained the main features and usability in their list and have included all the details vividly, giving users the exact picture of these sites. 

Security of these sites have been taken into consideration as this is a main concern among the online users while surfing, browsing or consuming these sites.

You should always use a vpn while using movie and tv show streaming sites online. Some of the sites included in these websites are mostly only available in some countries like the USA, Canada or UK. You can use a good VPN to access these websites to watch movies online.

Fierce Competition for The Streaming Market

As more and more movie studios and companies are gearing for world domination it is becoming hard to find a streaming service which will offer the best content for the best price. 

HBO Max is owned by WarnerMedia, giving them serious firepower with a vast catalog that includes everything from “Friends” to “Game of Thrones” and “Harry Potter” to “Dune”.

And Disney+, which has an army of superheroes and star warriors, has also made rapid advances — reaching 116 million subscribers just 18 months after it launched.

“Not all the cards have been played yet — the game is still evolving,” said Philippe Bailly of media experts NPA Conseil.

Up to now, most major US players such as Viacom, Paramount or NBCUniversal have focused on their domestic audiences, since that is still where the big bucks are made.

But increasingly they are looking to spread their services around the world, often by combining their assets into one big platform.

“Netflix is going to see really increased competition,” said Farooq Wani, one of the writers at

One cannot buy all services as there are so many studios which offer exclusive content as well as a diverse library of movies and tv shows.

You can find the solution on this list and will not need to sign up for all the services. You can opt for a service like youtube or roku to get the maximum out of any service as these sites do offer subscriptions as well as rent a la carte for movies and tv shows.

Some free to watch sites like 123movies and putlocker are also listed and users are advised to be careful while visiting these sites as not all sites are as good as advertised. You can select any site and use it to stream your favorite movies and tv shows hassle free.

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