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The newly opened orthopedic clinic serves the residents of Tampa and the surrounding areas, providing an innovative new patent-pending treatment for osteoarthritis knee pain and to those who’ve been told they are ‘bone-on-bone’.

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The new clinic is located at 1323 West Fletcher Avenue, and is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8 am until 5 pm. It is run by co-founder Becky Auer, an entrepreneur that has started three successful businesses.

At the Tampa clinic, patients can access Nexus Heals’ FDA-approved alternative to knee replacement surgery. The patent-pending Stabili-Knee procedure does not require addictive painkillers or steroids, but uses hyaluronic acid and fluoroscopic guided imaging to deliver long-lasting pain relief.

With age, the cushioning fluid that facilitates joint mobility in the knee depletes, which can lead to ‘bone-on-bone’ contact, creating friction, wearing, and pain. Around one third of people in the U.S. will experience knee pain at some point throughout their lives, which can also result in increased discomfort in the back, hip, neck, or feet. Pain relief and steroids are often prescribed, and for severe cases, knee replacement surgery is the most common non-reversible option. The Tampa practice is providing patients with a safer, less invasive alternative.

Nexus Heals’ treatment begins with a no-cost consultation to determine whether patients are a good candidate for the treatment and to evaluate the knee to determine which solution is best for short-and long-term relief. If the joint is deemed suitable for the Stabili-Knee protocol, the team will schedule the procedure and verify insurance coverage. They accept Medicare and most insurance plans.

For the treatment, Nexus Heals uses viscosupplementation to inject a pain-relieving hyaluronic acid medication into the knee joint. This replaces the depleted cushioning fluid and decreases the bone-to-bone contact, thereby preventing further wearing of the bone.

The fluid is guided into the knee by low radiation X-ray to ensure the medication is being administered in the correct place. After the medication injection, patients are provided with an unloading knee brace and given a program for at-home physical therapy. The term ‘unloading’ means weight is ‘unloaded’ from the knee joint allowing the medication more space to provide maximum benefit and pain reduction. This is a one-plus-one equals 5 treatment outcome unique to Nexus Heals.

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At Nexus Heals, mobility is the priority, and as such, they have developed a unique approach combining traditional, complementary, and regenerative medicine to help patients without surgery or addictive pain medication.

A satisfied patient said, “Their use of guided imaging contributes to the overall healing by getting the medicine in the correct place in the knee. Such a great option to have financing to cover the balance that insurance doesn’t cover. Overall, very caring staff and environment.”

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