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EarthByt Ltd will release its first “Endangered Earthlings” NFT collection June 10th 2022, to help benefit the WWF Adopt a Jaguar program.


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United Kingdom, 4th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, The EarthByt token was launched on PancakeSwap in Feb 2022 as a deflationary BEP-20 token on the binance smart chain.  EarthByt’s mission is to help fight climate change and soil degradation by utilising tokenomics to acquire soil carbon credit offsets, and make charitable contributions to soil restoration projects around the globe.  In addition to its environmental impact goals, it serves to deliver a deflationary model token with instant rewards to its holders, and will be opening its own Net-Zero NFT marketplace later this year.  The tokenomics of the project ensures an allocation of 2% from each transaction toward a carbon charity fund, 3% to holders, 2% to liquidity, 2% to marketing, and 1% automatically burned.  EarthByt holders also play a key role by voting on which projects will receive token allocations.

EarthByt will release several NFT collections prior to opening its own marketplace as a way to reward its supporters with airdrops and priority whitelist access, as well as further develop the brand and mission with a NFT revenue stream. The first of these releases is the Endangered Earthlings (Jaguars) NFT collection. The collection includes 9,999 of these Jaguar characters showcasing the variety of different countries in Central and South America where they are still found in the wild.  The fearless characters also feature accessories from the ancient cultures of the Americas as they fight for their survival.  The NFT contract is on the polygon chain to ensure low gas fees and will be visible on Opensea and Rarible once minted. EarthByt holders can access the mint presale prior to the public sale but all images and metadata will be revealed after public sale begins June 10th.  To mint your Endangered Earthling via the dapp you will need MATIC and a metamask or coinbase wallet with the polygon chain added. 

The proceeds from the sale of the 9,999 Endangered Earthlings Jaguar NFTS will be split equally between the EarthByt token and the WWF adopt a Jaguar program.  The donations to the WWF will include future royalties from the secondary markets.  The Endangered Earthlings collection will be expanded to include several other endangered species in the future with both 2d and 3d variations. 

EarthByt hopes to inspire other NFT creators to serve their own favorite charities by donating royalties and revenue from their art. This is a key feature for their upcoming NFT marketplace that will allow royalty splitting for collaborative or charitable purposes.  Just as EarthByt plans on creating an earth friendly crypto community and platform that will bring together sustainable businesses/charities and investors, it aims to unite artists, collectors, and charitable causes to create an Art For the Planet movement. 

The future is bright for EarthByt, with a secure token, perfect DEXT score, low cap, great utility and purpose, fair trade clothing for fans, 2d, 3d, and multimedia NFT releases and marketplace in development, as well as staking and yield farming in sustainable businesses in the future.  The company will also be offering its holders and NFT purchasers 3d printable STL files, and adding play to earn NFT based gaming as they continue their development.

Become an EarthByt holder via Pancakeswap, or simply purchase an Endangered Earthling NFT to help support the project and the WWF adopt a Jaguar program.  Join the mission to “Heal the Earth, Leave no Footprint”. 

For further information, visit the official EarthByt website, the Endangered Earthlings minting dapp, join the EarthByt telegram, or various social channels (follow links on website). 

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