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Glen Burnie, MD: Jimeno & Gray, P.A. focuses on family law, representing clients’ interests in negotiations and court proceedings. The firm offers thoughtful analysis in each case, assisting clients in making well-thought decisions on key issues when pursuing child support, custody, separation, and divorce. Clients also get independent advice and support based on their case, whether deciding which legal path is best for their lawsuit or what to expect in a case.

Spouses going through divorce or separation can benefit from the team’s extensive knowledge of Maryland’s divorce laws and procedures. Considering the divorce agreements must balance toughness and the need to resolve any outstanding issues, the divorce attorney approaches the negotiating table with openness and a balance of rigorousness.

For spouses who do not want to take the traditional path to divorce, Jimeno & Gray, P.A. company offers divorce mediation, a guided conversation between the parties. The team assists them in identifying solutions to their problems, avoiding the costly and time-consuming legal battle. And to prevent future issues, the attorney creates a customized plan on key topics such as physical custody and access, child support, tax benefits, and health insurance.

Jimeno & Gray, P.A. also assists clients in drafting legal separation agreements, which is key in laying the foundation for a divorce settlement. Considering it is an agreement on how the two parties will resolve key issues — such as property, debt division, child support, insurance issues, and income taxes — the team ensures the client’s interests and those of the children are protected.

In addition, the firm assists clients in child custody cases after the dissolution of marriage. Unlike making other decisions such as property division or who gets the car, child custody cases are weighty. The judge must decide what is best for the child based on the parent’s character, child preference, health, sex, and effects on family relationships. The firm represents clients in convincing the court to grant them a shared physical, joint, or combined custody based on their unique circumstances.

Besides, the firm assists clients in getting an annulment, which is a court decree that their marriage union was never valid. There are strict rules for those seeking a court declaration, unlike divorce and separation. Fortunately, the team guides them through the process and prepares them for the court proceedings to annul the marriage. If the case meets the merits and has legal grounds such as consanguinity, bigamy, impotence, mental disability, or duress, the team offers advisory services and represents them in the court.

Clients interested in the services of a divorce attorney can contact the firm at (410) 590-9401. Jimeno & Gray, P.A. is located at 7310 Ritchie Hwy #900, Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, US. Visit the law firm’s website for more information.

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