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The newly published poem captures themes central to Aisha Tariqa’s two books “Four Years in Chrysalis” and “Acres of Shadow.” Indiana born and raised, the poet transforms the struggles she endured as a young Black woman coping with grief, adversity, and a precarious childhood into deeply insightful poetry that illustrates the growth that can come from suffering.

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Aged 21 and determined to break free from influences that all-but suffocated a young American girl’s hopes and ambitions, Aisha Tariqa Abdul Haqq gives herself permission to exhale and move forward. In her newly released poem, Aisha Tariqa layers the emotions she experienced when leaving a meagre childhood home with the discovery that a vast world, replete with possibility, awaited.

Hungry for an abundant life built on her own and fueled by inexorable will, Aisha Tariqa draws on self-reflection to realize her potential, and takes the reader along for the ride. Her poem reads:

“It is the ripping feeling

As a broken habit finally falls away

Which causes the most pain

And the greatest amount of relief

It is the clarity


That gives the greatest promise

That correct decisions were made

When self is discovered

All else falls apart

As everything falls into place

And we cannot tell the forgiveness of the past from the vastness of the future

We stand in full

Beautiful as ever, whole as never before

Questions have fallen lightly into needlessness

And mental peace becomes the bridgework for all things that will be.”

Aisha Tariqa does not deny her past, but instead embraces it, internalizing her resilience and leaving the rest behind.

She encourages her readers to understand the past emancipates while tenacity paves the way forward. She says that when pain and disillusionment are all that’s known, and a person finds themselves somewhere in the interim, it’s a sign they’ve arrived and can look forward to a boundless future.

In a message to her readers, Aisha Tariqa says “Grasp all that you are and all that you have become, of your own steadfastness and toil, surrender the past, and move forward toward endless potentiality.”

The newly released poem is part of Aisha Tariqa Abdul Haqq’s Imago series. Books are available for purchase on Amazon in hardback, paperback, or Kindle. Readers are invited to follow Aisha Tariqa on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @AishaTariqa to keep up with her latest news and publications.

Visit https://www.aishatariqa.com/landing-page to find out more.

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