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The popular new self-care treatment tends to an often neglected part of the body and offers deep relaxation on both a muscular and holistic level. As with all the treatments provided by A Better Body, natural and organic ingredients and essential oils are utilized to maximize the service’s health and wellness benefits for clients.

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The launch of their new foot therapies coincides with a recent expose from Harvard Health Magazine, the journal of Harvard University’s Medical School. In conjunction with the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), they discovered that 75% of Americans have foot problems, ranging from troublesome conditions like odor and nail fungi to deeply painful ones such as stress fractures.

As the report showcased, few adults go beyond the very basic step of trimming their nails. However, their researchers advocated that foot scrubs and baths are a similarly essential basic tool that aids greatly in the prevention of bacterial and fungal infections as well as calluses and corns.

As such, A Better Body believes that the feet must be included in self-care rituals and treatments.

With their new scrubs, clients will enjoy having their feet wrapped and warmed with hot towels and then having an organic sugar scrub applied to the feet, ankles and lower calves. The scrub concludes with the application of a natural, vitamin-enriched moisturizing cream.

Clients can also choose to add on a complementary eco-fin foot treatment. This treatment uses eco-fin, a natural and petroleum-free paraffin alternative. Clients will wear warming booties as the eco-fin is slowly absorbed into the skin and then will enjoy a full foot massage.

Both of these treatments are particularly effective for those with cracked and dry skin.

A Better Body is the health and wellness spa of Madison-based massage therapist Kaitlin Rohowetz. The clinic is staffed by a number of expert practitioners and estheticians who are focused on providing evidence-led natural treatments for skin care and holistic healing.

In addition to their new foot scrubs, they offer an array of massage services, including chair massages, facials, and wellness coaching.

A spokesperson for the clinic said, “Our team of therapists is ready to help you start feeling and looking your best through therapeutic massage and our top-of-the-line skincare services, like our exfoliating foot scrubs. At A Better Body, we believe in healing and taking care of your body naturally.”

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