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Over 70 million Americans are considered medically obese, according to recent research. As experts warn of the dangers of excess weight to the overall wellness of a person, LiveAllGood Coaching announces that all its health coaching services have been further strengthened.

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The updated services include guidance to a healthier lifestyle. This includes nutrition coaching and advice on exercise. Grigsby clarifies that his health coaching is not focused on just a specific aspect of wellness, but the shift to a different and healthier mindset.

Emerging data has shown that overall wellness is dependent on the holistic approach to well-being. This implies focusing not only on exercise but on diet as well, along with mental health practices such as meditation. Health coaches apply this knowledge using several strategies that help guide clients toward a fresh perspective.

Grigsby differentiates himself from the rest with health coaching that uses empowerment techniques specifically for Black men. As one himself, he understands the added pressure of finding one’s footing in society. However, to create effective change in others, one must first feel strong in their own body – which is where exercise and nutrition play a part.

New clients are invited to schedule a discovery call with Grigsby. This chemistry call determines if the client feels comfortable with Grigsby and is willing to work with him. This is important because effective coaching occurs when there is a strong connection between the client and coach.

Grigsby clarifies that despite the common perception, coaching is not similar to therapy. Whereas the latter is more focused on the past and repressed trauma, the former places an emphasis on the present and what can be done now.

Grigsby writes, “By understanding how my choices affected different areas of my life, having the courage to change, and learning how to make better choices, the results I’ve seen continue to motivate me to commit to the relentless pursuit of striving for greatness.”

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