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Austin, TX – Recent years have seen astonishing progress in regenerative medicine. What was once only possible through complex, risky surgeries and addictive medication can now be done affordably, efficiently, and minimally invasively. This progress has profoundly impacted treating a wide range of degenerative illnesses. Once thought to be incurable but only manageable, chronic pain is now being approached with newfound optimism. Patients suffering from chronic pain and injuries now have access to a world-class Pain control clinic in Austin, TX, thanks to the recent opening of QC Kinetix (Austin), which offers natural regenerative treatments and therapies.

Because everyone’s pain is unique, the QC Kinetix (Austin) medical providers evaluate each patient before recommending treatment. They treat each patient individually, working closely with them to devise a treatment strategy tailored to their specific needs. After an evaluation by the specialist, the patient receives various treatments that aid in the patient’s natural recovery, compared to invasive surgeries or painkillers, which only address the symptoms. Whether after Austin back pain treatment or knee treatment solutions, the regenerative medicine providers ensure that patients address the root cause of their condition to reap long-term benefits.

While commenting on their experience with the clinic’s regenerative therapies, one impressed patient said,

“I am a farmer, and I need to be physically active every day. With cartilage damage in both knees, I was in extreme pain and needed Advil to survive. I had both my knees treated. When I had my consult, I shuffled in like an older man, and I was only 46 years old (my fellow shufflers were in their 80’s). It has been one year since I had my first treatment at QC Kinetics, and I feel like a new man and have had no Advil in 1 year!”

Treating a wide range of ailments, from a torn rotator cuff to tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, can now be done with the help of regenerative treatment plans, which activate the body’s healing mechanisms. The best part is that these treatments assist patients in getting back to their everyday lives within the shortest time possible. Because of their expertise and success in treating knee pain, the clinic has become a popular destination for patients with many other conditions. QC Kinetix’s regenerative medicine techniques have also effectively treated tendon, ligament, and muscular injuries. Patients will be happy to know that all the accompanying symptoms of injuries, such as aching and stiffness, are alleviated.

To learn more about their Austin office, visit the clinic’s website or call (512) 593-4303. QC Kinetix (Austin) is located at 3801 Bee Caves Rd #140, Austin, TX, 78746, US. is available on the clinic’s website.

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