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EduMedu is the “Blockchain of Education” that provides unique solutions to the current education systems and it has 3 main divisions which are Edumedu Launchpad, Eduverse, and Edumeduchain.

EduMedu Launchpad aims to launch blockchain-based Edtech unicorns to enable investors and holders to partake in various upcoming projects. Furthermore, educational organizations, companies, lecturers, high profile executives will be able to use blockchain-based e-learning infrastructure (C-Learning) to enhance their institutional standards and help them to raise the funds needed. C-Learning platforms will be working with the Study and Earn model in which students have a chance to make passive income while investing in a company that has big potential to reach high valuations.

Eduversepad focuses on Metaverse education to create worlds through virtual reality and engage with people of all ages, especially those who are having difficulties engaging with the traditional education system.

Edumeduchain is a B2B solution provider for current educational institutions and systems to upgrade with blockchain technology.

EDUM token will serve as the platform’s utility token fueling every activity on EduMedu. The EduMedu will grant EDUM holders guaranteed access to participating incredible project launches and various tools on the platform. EDUM token will be beneficial for both the token holders and the investors.


Web3 concept has been on the agenda since 2004, however it has never been as popular as it is today. What reminded us of Web3 again was the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and it will bring the Internet to its new evolution and lead us to Web 3.0.

Web 3.0 will allow for a decentralized connection without any intermediaries. Applications called “app” in Web 2.0 are called “dapp” (Decentralized app) in Web 3.0. In other words, dapps working with wallet logic will be used instead of applications to browse the internet. When you access and benefit from the video you watch, the song you listen to, the news you read or any content, the fee will not go to the applications. Because the content owners will deliver the work they have created directly to the user and push the existing intermediaries to work in a different form or not at all.

As Edumedu team, we’re thinking that the new education system should comply with the Web 3.0. We’re calling it as “Education 3.0”; meaning is socially constructed and contextually reconstructed. In the Education 3.0 stage, which is defined as the age of education in which knowledge is produced, technology is used in every field and learning takes place in a multidimensional way as “teacher-student, student-student, student-teacher, individual-technology and technology-individual”. With Education 3.0, the need to change existing rules, policies, strategies and all previous arrangements has emerged in order to direct new learning approaches.

Education 3.0 offers various possibilities for educational content shaped by technological elements according to users’ preferences. Learning environments at this stage focus more on contextual information and texts supported by audio and video. We combine Blockchain technology and education 3.0 to meet these requirements in the most effective way, along with the developments brought by the era. By integrating the 2 sectors with the highest growth potential into today’s world economy, we are building a new economy that we expect to reach trillions of dollars by the end of 2025. We aim to make a positive contribution to the lives of hundreds of millions of people by solving all problems in the education sector.

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