Juara Skincare’s Founder, Metta Murdaya, Released a Book called Jamu Lifestyle to offer a Closer Look into Indonesian Herbal Wellness Traditions.


Houston, TX – Juara Skincare’s founder has shared her knowledge of Indonesian herbal wellness traditions in a book titled ‘Jamu Lifestyle.’ The new book talks about the traditions that have helped Indonesians keep their bodies, minds, and souls healthy. Metta Murdaya details the benefits of the herbal-infused tonic known as ‘Jamu’ and its nutritional supplements. She emphasizes the components of wellness such as joy, community engagement, and beauty, their role in self-care, and the need to embrace them as lifelong habits. The book retails for $45 per copy. Readers can access it via the company website or order more than one copy at a time. Any orders above $50 are payable in 4 installments without interest.

Jamu Lifestyle has been authored by a writer with extensive experience and knowledge in Indonesian sustainable wellness. Metta Murdaya, the author, is a co-founder of the Juara Skincare website that contains numerous articles on Indonesian beauty and wellness topics. She has played a vital role in developing radiant products from Juara Skincare containing ingredients for skin healing, rejuvenation, and health.

Since Jamu Lifestyle takes readers on a pursuit of wellness, Metta Murdaya has explored every facet of the Indonesian traditions and broken down complex issues into easily consumable information.

“Traditionally, Jamu isn’t something that you chug and go. If you’re going to the healer, he isn’t a random person that sells you medicine and says, ‘Thank you, bye-bye.’ It’s somebody in the community who has a positive intention for you to feel better. That whole heart and intentionality is connected to the community and is very much part of the job and the tradition. To feel Jamu’s full effects is to embrace the products and the philosophy of health that recognizes the individual as part of a community and joy as not a luxury, but a necessity.” – Metta Murdaya.

While this new book provides reliable information on wellness in Indonesia, the author’s extensive experience and knowledge provide great insights for readers, allowing them to expand their minds or adopt healthy practices. The book also analyzes Jamu and other wellness methods that readers can use to answer common life questions.

Metta Murdaya has contributed to wellness and beauty through the Juara Skincare website. The website sells products free of animal testing, parabens, mineral oils, and gluten. The most common purchase is the Candlenut Body Creme, infused with moisture and a touch of luxury. This creme has a unique, intoxicating scent that lingers softly on the skin for hours, with no artificial colorants, harsh chemicals, sulfates, and phthalates.

To learn more about Jamu Lifestyle, visit the skincare company’s website or call 212-228-9601. Juara Skincare is located at 6788 Stella Link Road #388, Houston, TX, 77005, US.

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