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For Business owners and Entrepreneurs looking to brush up on their Web 3.0 Marketing expertise, is offering a free training session on Wednesday June 1st 2022 . The training will be held via webinar and will take around 90 minutes.

For full details, interested parties are encouraged to view the website at

Areas of Web 3.0 Marketing that will be covered include:

Future of Web 3.0 Marketing – How the upcoming Web 3.0 changes the way of doing online marketing

Main Benefits of Online Quizzes for Businesses – Online Quizzes and why they are so beneficial to all kinds of businesses

Web 3.0 Zero-Party-Data – How the information and data are being processed and stored, and what does it mean for businesses and customers

When asked about the reasons behind the decision to provide free training on such an in-demand topic, Michael Simpson, founder of said,

The Free 5-Day Quiz Funnels symposium training will be held online via Zoom webinar call, and everybody is welcome to attend. Various entrepreneurs and speaker will be sharing their experience and knowledge about Quiz Funnels and its founder Ryan Levesque, and how it helped their businesses exponentially grow in short periods of time. When implementing the right quiz and funnel for the right type of business, the conversion rates, costs per lead, and customer retention goes through the roof. Quizzes are engaging and offer the participant the unique view at their problem. The right quiz also enables to almost instantly look at the unique point of view. Any kind of business, big or small, should implement one or another type of a quiz or survey in the main marketing strategy.

Business owners and Entrepreneurs can find the most up-to-date information about the free training at Customers who have specific questions about the training itself may contact via their website.
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