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Today, the boiler repair experts at Mulgas spoke more about their boiler repair Richmond service, which is now available for residents of Richmond and surrounding areas. Broken boilers are surprisingly common, and given their importance in the home, it would be right to assume they were built to last a lifetime…but this isn’t the case. Thankfully, the majority of broken boilers can be fixed really easily and Mulgas can do this for residents in a timely manner. They boast a repair count of 50 boilers per day from new customers.

Mulgas’s experienced and certified gas boiler engineers are available to help get customers’ boilers back on track in no time. Its boiler repair services in Richmond and the surrounding areas guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

One of the problems with boiler companies is that a lot of them will tell customers that the main reason to service their boiler is to ensure it’s saving money by running more efficiently. Whilst this is an important aspect, Mulgas’s main priority is to ensure customers’ boilers are safe and not causing the customer or their families any danger or inconvenience.

Preventative measures ensure the customer’s boiler is working efficiently, safely, and smoothly. This is much more cost effective than waiting for an expensive disaster to happen to their boiler and then taking action. If a resident detects a problem with their boiler, please do not touch it or attempt to fix it. Not only is it dangerous, due to the gas and electricity in the system, but a person could void their household insurance too.

If a resident would like to find out more information about our boiler services and repairs, or if they would like to book in with one of the dedicated emergency heating engineers, simply give them a call today.

Mulgas has grown over the years, specialising in delivering great service to the customer in the gas central heating business. The owner, Dave, is still hands-on at the front line and passes on his many years of experience to the current Mulgas Engineers.

To find out more about Mulgas or its services offered, please see the following website:

Mulgas Ltd
Mulgas Ltd

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