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Kolkata, India, 27th May 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Summers have already arrived and the things that we are looking to make our home a happy place are the best summer appliances. As we know that mercury is rising and people are looking for smart home and kitchen appliances which will help them to beat the torturous heat. Nowadays, there exist a lot of home appliances that make our lives a lot easier. All credit goes to the technology that people now have access to the machines that reassure the great quality of daily life. In the modern era, technology and wellness are two concepts that perfectly blend together to offer the peace and comfort we deserve. The companies are now challenging themselves to come up with new and innovative concepts. The summer appliances from top home and kitchen appliances provider in Kolkata, Kridovia provides various breathtaking technologies at remarkable prices.

Kridovia Appliances is one of the best platforms to get premium home and kitchen appliances at the best deals. The founder of Kridovia, Mr. Rikesh Jaiswal, always looks for inspiration and innovation to revolutionize the appliances industry and ease the life of the people. With its quality and international product range, the company has already gained the trust of high-end customers and business partners as well as locals.

The founder of Kridovia, Mr. Rikesh Jaiswal stated, “We always want to make the life of people more comfortable and peaceful with our innovative and latest appliances. The summer has already been at its peak and people are looking for solutions that will help them get rid of the scorching heat and make their living space more comfortable. For that reason, we are here with the best home and kitchen appliances which will make your summer more relaxing and refreshing.”

Air Conditioner

In summers, the air conditioning unit is proved to be the true marvel of modern technology. Kridovia has a wide range of air conditioners that will suit the needs of each type of home. You just need to get in touch with Kridovia and browse through the different range of appliances. The air conditioner doesn’t make much noise which helps you to sleep well. The most important thing is that the air conditioner is energy efficient and you don’t need to worry about the electricity bills.

Ice Cube Maker

Ice Cube Maker is proved to be your best friend this summer and helps you to keep your drinks at the right temperature. If you have surprise guests and you want to entertain them without running out of ice, then you should get the portable ice maker from the best home and kitchen appliances supplier, Kridovia. With the help of a portable ice maker, you can get fresh ice within 10 minutes. The portable ice maker is easy to use and doesn’t need any installation. You just need to plug it in, fill it with water, and you are all set to go.


Mixing mid-century and modern designs, the best kitchen appliances provider in Kolkata comes up with an amazing range of refrigerators this summer. When it comes to picking the right refrigerator type for your home, you have plenty of options to choose from. Dozens of brands, hundreds of models, and multiple arrangements are all available in the market to choose from. No modern kitchen would be complete without a stylish refrigerator to keep food and drinks cool and fresh. Every household and kitchen is different and thus needs different types of refrigerators to fulfill their needs.

Wine Cooler

Wine is always your companion in summer to keep you relaxed. But have you ever thought that the wine can lose its original taste and aura if not stored properly? Well, you can store the wine properly with the wine cooler. Kridovia offers the best quality wine cooler which is perfect for storing the wine at the right temperature. Well, it can be a great purchase and the best way to store all types of wine at the correct temperature which makes sure the correct aging and accurate flavor profiles of your precious wines.

Kridovia always makes the life of people easier and more comfortable with their wide range of smart home and kitchen appliances. Make your summer more relaxing and comfortable with the best appliances from Kridovia appliances without any worries.







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