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Allotro Labs has announced the release of their new Extended Comfort Kit for this who are physically challenged

“There is a growing need to help the physically challenged to be self sufficient ,” said Allotro Labs head of Research and Development Steven Vegortonian in their announcement release. “We believe this new Extended Comfort Kit will help those who maybe physically challenged in any way to get closer to being more self sufficient”.

The Extended Reach Comfort Kit by Allotro Labs can be used by anyone who requires additional reach due to physical constraints. The kit contains a long reach toilet wiping aid and an extended reach bath body brush that will help you keep your personal hygiene in check. Our extended reach comfort kit provides the much-needed tools for those people who have trouble reaching certain areas of their bodies. Our extended reach bath body brush makes it easy to reach the top of your back while our long reach toilet wiping aid gives you the ability to reach your behind from any angle!

It is an invaluable tool for the elderly, pregnant, physically challenged and those suffering from obesity disease.

The Extended Reach Comfort Kit includes:

– 15 Inch Long Reach Toileting Wand that can be used with dry or wet tissue paper.

Simply press the button at the top to automatically remove the used tissue.

The release button allows for disposal of the toilet tissue without touching it. Easily cleans with soap and water.

– 15 Inch Long Reach Bath and Body Brush that can be used to wash any hard to reach places. Our curved design with a silicone base ensures our brush is easy to control – even when wet.

After using, simply remove the detachable brush head to clean and dry.

To learn more about the Extended Reach Comfort kit, please go to:

Allotro Lab products are designed and manufactured with high-quality materials that deliver durability and long-lasting performance for a very comfortable user experience

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