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In addition to offering a wide range of high-end silk bedding and products, the company frequently releases insightful and valuable articles on the beneficial properties of silk, and with the latest report takes an in-depth look at how silk scrunchies can help customers who struggle with breakage and frizz.

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The recent report from Mayfairsilk also outlines how pure mulberry silk scrunchies can help to keep hair tidy, tame unruly curls and keep hair hydrated.

Beginning with a short description of what a scrunchie is, and how it differs from other hair ties, the report outlines the popularity of scrunchies both as a fashion accessory and a practical way for both men and women to keep their hair tidy. The article goes on to outline that real, pure silk scrunchies are frequently recommended by hair experts for reducing friction on the hair, which can result in damage, breakage and hair loss.

Mayfairsilk goes on to point out that the finest mulberry silk is the best fabric for real silk hair scrunchies, and is suited to all hair types. The author discusses the presence of hair proteins such as sericin in silk that actually nourish hair and prevent dehydration during use. Later, scrunchies are compared to common elastic hair ties, which can tug and pull at hair and cause breakage, whereas silk scrunchies will firmly grip the hair and slide out easily when removed.

Elsewhere in the article, the silk brand elaborates on silk scrunchies’ suitability for all hair types, specifying that they can help reduce kinks in fine, straight hair, as well as tame frizz and flyaway hairs for those with curlier locks thanks to the lack of static from silk. The report also states that using silk can help to maintain healthy hair hydration, as the premium fabric does not absorb moisture in the way that other materials such as cotton or polyester might, and can actually contribute to shinier, more lustrous hair.

The report goes into further detail about the benefits of silk scrunchies and concludes by recommending to readers the brand’s 100% mulberry silk, sustainable scrunchies as an appropriate choice for those hoping to prevent damage and split ends.

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