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Ecco Bella’s latest launch – Boon Broth – is a tasty, restorative, and nutritious alternative to traditional meat-based soups. The recipe contains over 12 grams of plant protein per serving and 72 trace minerals.

More details can be found at https://eccobella.com/boon-broth-a-gourmet-vegan-alternative-to-bone-broth

The newly-released broth is a filling and flavorsome blend of sea plants, rich in bioavailable calcium. Boon Broth promotes health and wellness through its anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting ingredients.

According to an article by Euro News, microalgae found in the ocean is of growing interest to groups advocating for sustainable solutions to global food shortages. These photosynthetic plants can occur in both freshwater and saltwater environments and are packed with nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium, and fatty acids like Omega-3.

Ecco Bella’s Boon Broth contains algae, sustainably harvested in Icelandic waters. Marine algae have been shown to promote bone, joint, and digestive health. This is combined with Yellow Chlorella which promotes cellular health, is high in fiber and beta-glucans, and contains 14 vitamins, 18 amino acids, and 11 minerals.

The addition of protein-rich yeast, curcumin, and MSM adds yet more nutritional value to the Boon Broth recipe. The blend should be mixed with 12oz of hot water, miso, and the customer’s choice of vegetables for best results. Ecco Bella also underlines its eco credentials with Boon Broth’s compostable packaging.

While meat-based broths are often seen as a healthy meal, modern livestock and cattle are commonly fed a diet full of artificial hormones and antibiotics. Boon Broth’s gourmet vegan blend is not only better for humans but for the planet too.

Ecco Bella founder Sally Malanga says, “Soup is so soothing and restorative. It’s a must-have for me both in winter and summer. For this product, we turned to the sea and the bounty of plants. I wanted a delicious flavor that also has restorative benefits.”

With the launch of its gourmet meat-free broth, Ecco Bella continues to provide healthy, eco-friendly choices to the growing vegan community.

For more information, please visit https://eccobella.com/boon-broth-a-gourmet-vegan-alternative-to-bone-broth

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