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Several times already this year, the stock markets have gone into what experts describe as a “freefall,” causing concern for many investors who have watched their retirement savings dwindle. A new report from financial experts at Gold IRA Etc. details several options for savings plans that have been unaffected by these market changes.

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Gold IRA Etc. has created a new report on the top options for older Americans who are looking to protect their savings by investing in physical assets, which have a proven track record for holding their value. While other markets have seen upheaval, gold has done remarkably well, with the average price continuing to rise year after year.

In just the last week, cryptocurrency markets have also experienced problems, with some popular investments dropping to near worthlessness overnight. Analysts estimate that nearly $1 trillion has been lost in the last month, including cryptocurrencies that were previously thought to be stable against volatility.

Many Americans are unaware that gold or other precious metals can be used as an IRA, allowing them to make contributions tax-free to their retirement savings. The new report explains how these savings plans work and examines a variety of brokers that specialize in them.

The report includes an in-depth analysis of the top four gold and precious metals brokers, as well as a short list of each company’s strengths and weaknesses. The top options offer physical assets such as industry-approved coins, bars, and bullion, which can be stored at an individual’s home, or inside of an IRS-approved safe storage facility.

Gold IRA Etc. only provides information on companies that have been operating successfully for years with a high number of positive reviews both online and with the Better Business Bureau. Their top options also have experience helping clients to set up new savings or roll over their existing savings into precious metals.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Precious metals tend to be very well-protected from irregular events such as stock market crashes or inflation, therefore, it is a wise idea to diversify your investment portfolio and spend at least a portion of your savings on a gold IRA.”

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