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The newly announced service enhances a range of digital solutions that help business owners engage with in-market consumers to build a loyal client base. Top Line Management specializes in digital marketing, web design, marketing strategy, and reputation marketing for business owners, the medical sector, and restaurant owners.

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The healthcare, medical, and dental sectors require specialized, targeted digital marketing strategies that put their practice in front of in-market consumers searching for the services they provide. A newly developed marketing strategy announced by Top Line Management relies on a results-based formula that engages potential patients and encourages them to call for an appointment. Practice owners only pay for the newly acquired patient, they do not pay a retainer, or any other service, media or markup fees.

PracticeFuel is a client acquisition strategy known as a “results-based” approach. It is a comprehensive marketing system that does not require clients to pay for “leads” but rather for resulting appointments.

A three-part system, PracticeFuel automatically runs targeted digital ads that include images, ad copy, and a website landing page. The system automatically follows up on potential patients that show interest in the medical or dental service, and brings in-market consumers through the decision journey to overcome obstacles and convince them to call for an appointment.

Many marketing agencies charge a fee for their services and will also mark up costs that are associated with collateral, online ads, video production, and more. This means clients are putting their faith in a strategy sold to them by the agency’s creative and accounts team that generally delivers a 10 – 25% conversion rate for a comparatively low return on investment.

The results-driven strategy offered by PracticeFuel eliminates traditional agency fees. Instead, clients pay when they’ve acquired a new patient.

With this newly launched strategy, healthcare, medical, and dental practice owners can better manage their marketing budgets. Instead of dedicating funds to a hit-and-miss idea, they pay when the strategy delivers business. PracticeFuel, developed by digital professionals Top Line Management, minimizes waste, and maximizes results.

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