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Louisville, CO – Compared to traditional treatment solutions, regenerative medicine addresses the root cause of the pain, resulting in long-term results. The techniques used during treatment stimulate the tissue regeneration process, allowing individuals to recover quickly and get back to enjoying everyday life. Even though regenerative medicine is a relatively new field, it has improved the quality of life of thousands of patients, and QC Kinetix (Superior) is offering it to the residents of Louisville.

The clinic comprises a team of medical providers committed to improving the joint pain/musculoskeletal injuries of their patients using natural approaches that eliminate or prolong the need for traditional surgery. On a patient’s first visit, one of the providers performs a comprehensive exam to determine the cause/severity of a condition before recommending the most appropriate treatment plan. During a patient’s clinical experience, the team ensures that they treat them with the highest level of service, respect, compassion, and care.

As a Louisville sports medicine clinic, QC Kinetix (Superior) focuses on helping athletes, weekend warriors, and avid adventurers manage their sports injuries. Their broad category of minimally invasive procedures stimulates the healing/repair of damaged tissue, taking advantage of the body’s natural healing capabilities. When rest, ice, compression, and elevation fail to offer relief for torn Achilles tendon, ankle pain, tendon/ligament tears, torn rotator cuff, shoulder pain, low back pain, or tennis elbow, regenerative therapies strengthen existing cartilage, tendons, and ligaments resulting in quick recovery.

While the medical providers focus on treating sports-related injuries, individuals suffering from back pain and low back joint stiffness from physical trauma, jerking/repetitive movements, falls, or poor body mechanics can find Louisville back pain treatment solutions at QC Kinetix (Superior). Regenerative therapies have become increasingly popular for joint pain relief and management of soft tissue injuries since they lessen inflammation/pain without anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, massages, or painkillers. Besides helping patients avoid complicated/costly surgical procedures, the Louisville back specialist promotes rejuvenation in the injured area with natural treatments even when other orthopedic treatments have failed.

Chronic degenerative conditions of the cartilage, connective tissues, and bones are managed by medication or surgery. While traditional treatment methods may offer relief, they don’t slow down the progression of the disease, resulting in chronic pain and limited mobility. However, with the regenerative medicine solutions at the Louisville clinic, patients can experience improved pain without surgical intervention. Whether patients are seeking solutions for inflamed, irritated, or worn down joints of the hips, knees, elbows, shoulders, ankles, wrists, or low back, QC Kinetix (Superior) has minimally invasive treatments for long-term relief.

The mission of the clinic is to help patients enjoy a higher quality of life by improving their musculoskeletal pain/injuries with natural treatment options and advanced medical technology. Their patient experience is unparalleled in the medical field as the team provides concierge-level service. To request a consultation, visit the clinic’s website or call (303) 900-8986. QC Kinetix (Superior) is located at 80 Health Park Drive, Suite 230, Louisville, CO, 80027, US.

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