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Completing the goal these twins have had for many years, Dr. Aghiad Kandar, who goes by Dr. Mak, will join his brother, Dr. Amjad Kandar at Uno Dental as a full-time dentist upon his completion of residency at UCSF. This expands Uno Dental’s capacity for patients as well as overall dental care quality with two experienced dentists leading the practice.

Dr. Mak joins the team as a dentist even though he has been serving as the CEO for Uno Dental for many years. Likewise, his role at Uno will be two-fold: as a practicing dental physician and CEO. As both dentist and CEO, Dr. Mak will focus primarily on applying the latest dental technology and techniques to cosmetic procedures, solidifying his peer-established reputation as an excellent cosmetic dentist.

About Uno Dental

Uno Dental is a patient-focused, preventative-care-oriented dental practice in San Francisco founded by Dr. Mak and his twin brother, Dr. Kandar. As owners of private practice, Dr. Mak and Dr. Kandar believe strongly in giving back and supporting their chosen home, especially as their long-term dream of owning and practicing dentistry together has come to fruition.

Uno Dental’s other team members are critical for its success. Karol Costa, as one of the first faces patients meet upon coming to Uno Dental, helps create a friendly, professional first impression and eases those who may be nervous upon coming in for even the most routine appointments.

Finally, Lauren Hilou, the dental practices manager, keeps things running smoothly with an empathetic and understanding presence, having completed dental hygiene school herself. All staff members are devoted to practicing high-quality, comprehensive dental care for anyone who comes to Uno Dental.

About Dr. Kandar

Having practiced as Uno Dental’s lead dentist for years as Dr. Mak completed his residency, Dr. Kandar has extensive experience performing general and cosmetic dentistry with certifications, affiliations, and memberships of dental associations both here in the US and around the world. He’s dedicated to learning about the latest in dental technology, including lasers, digital tools, and computer diagnostics to help patients enjoy the most comfortable, accurate, and effective dental care they’ll find in San Francisco.

About Dr. Mak

Dr. Mak has been studying dentistry for over 15 years, including in preparation to join Dr. Kandar at Uno Dental. He is licensed and certified by as well as a member of many prestigious and well-known dental associations, including the American Dental Association. With multiple passions and broad understanding of endodontics, orthodontics, and oral surgery, he still comes back to cosmetic dentistry and its ability to help people feel the best they can about their smiles, and by extension, themselves.

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