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Bronx, NY – Native Concrete & Sidewalk provides first-rate sidewalk repairs that solve many sidewalk issues at a go. Their services are designed to maintain the sidewalk to preserve the property outlook and also ensure safety for the sidewalk users. Property owners in New York City are responsible for sidewalk damage repairs as long as it’s on their property. If the repairs are not done within the allotted 75 days, the DOT handles the repairs and bills the property owner. To avoid such inconvenience and unforeseen charges, the company offers the best quality sidewalk repair services on their client’s properties. They offer quality workmanship that comes with a satisfaction guarantee and also use quality materials in all their projects. Some of the common causes of sidewalk damage include age, tree roots, and shifting ground. Part of their sidewalk repair services includes sidewalk patchwork, concrete driveway, blacktop driveway, and dot sidewalk violation removal.

The company has a team of experts who visit clients to determine the damages and the possible solutions. This is considering not all sidewalk issues require in-depth repair, and in many cases, a simple sidewalk patchwork can solve the problem. The company representative had this to say about their services. “We provide 24-hour emergency sidewalk replacement and repair services in case of an emergency. Among our many sidewalk repair services is patchwork, which addresses common problems such as cracks, breakages, uneven slopes, and exposed hardware. Patchwork is quick, non-invasive, and cheaper compared to full-blown repair.”

The Bronx sidewalk repair company also helps clients avoid getting a violation notice for DOT violation repairs ensuring they are code compliant. They do quick work that addresses common violations to the letter. Such violations include sidewalk cracks, improper sidewalk slope, missing or damaged curb sections, and exposed hardware on the sidewalk. Their concrete driveways offer a beautiful look and longevity at a fair price. They address issues such as cracks and fissures, broken-off chunks, sloping issues, and weakened areas. They extend the service life of the driveway, prevent further damages and also maintain the property’s value and curb appeal. The company also offers blacktop driveway services that provide the same advantages as those offered by concrete driveways.

Native Concrete & Sidewalk is fully licensed and certified, assuring their clients that they are hiring the right company. They have years of experience, the right tools for the job, and also offer exceptional customer service. Besides sidewalk repair, the company offers other services, including masonry and curb repairs.

Native Concrete & Sidewalk is located at 2960 Waterbury Ave, Bronx, New York, 10461, US. Clients can call the company at 917-975-9066 to make inquiries and bookings or visit their website for more information on their services.

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