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Phoenix, AZ: Lane, Hupp, & Crowley offers legal defense to clients charged with DUI and traffic offenses. Unlike most states, the penalties for reckless driving, driving under the influence (DUI), and other traffic offenses in Arizona have harsh penalties such as license revocation, fines, and mandatory jail time. To avoid such severe penalties, the law firm investigates the charges before building a solid strategy to push for the reduction or dismissal of charges. The team also tries to establish whether the police officers or prosecutors followed all the due processes, from pulling over and arresting to charging the accused.

Besides representing clients in traffic and DUI cases, Lane, Hupp, & Crowley offers legal defense to clients charged with drug crimes. Regardless of the charges, the team guards against jail time, the potential impact on the client’s life, reputation, liberty, and fines, especially considering Arizona is one of the few states that are yet to lessen the penalties for drug charges. Thanks to the attorney’s experience in handling similar drug charges, they assist the client in navigating the legal processes. Also, the team helps the accused in pursuing alternatives considering that drug possession cases are eligible for special sentencing under Arizona law.

In addition, the attorneys also represent clients charged with theft and financial crimes. Whether they are charged with white-collar fraud offenses, forgery, writing bad checks, money laundering, or organized retail theft, the firm creates a defense to protect their interests and avoid harsh penalties. They also assist clients in navigating the legal process, either through courts or other legal avenues. Other services offered to clients charged with theft and financial crimes in Phoenix are advisory and free consultations.

Lane, Hupp, & Crowley, whose attorneys have almost 40 years of combined experience, also represent clients charged with violent offenses such as kidnapping, manslaughter, firearm charges, and robbery. The firm starts by building a customized and solid defense based on the case to protect the client from intimidating and harsh penalties. If the police officers and prosecutors did not follow all the due processes when arresting and charging them, the defense attorney might use the loopholes to push for lowering or charges dismissal. Other defense strategies may include consulting professionals such as forensic experts. Besides building a solid defense, the Phoenix-based law firm offers free consultations, flexible payment plans, and accepts credit card payments.

Clients can contact the team at (480) 562-3482 for criminal defense services or follow Lane, Hupp, & Crowley by this link to learn more. The law firm is located at 111 W Monroe St Ste. 1216, Phoenix, AZ, 85003, US.

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