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Georgia-based Kaotic Real Estate Solutions operates a fast, hassle-free home-buying service designed to give distressed property sellers more choices. Now, it is expanding its operations, increasing the number of homes that it buys, renovates, and sells to families in the Atlanta metro area.

In 2020 and 2021, Kaotic bought and renovated an average of five houses per month. However, since the start of the year, it has seen volumes rising significantly, and now purchases between ten and fifteen properties every four weeks.

The firm’s founder and owner, Justin Shipp, explains how the company is responding to its unprecedented growth. “We recently hired several acquisition managers and are currently expanding into buying rentals and vacation rentals alongside our regular business. Vacation rentals are the newest addition to the company. We aim to purchase mountain retreat properties and beach getaways in neighboring states, adding them to our portfolio.”

For Shipp, though, this business is about much more than flipping properties and earning profits. He sees his firm as part of a greater solution to increase the quality of accommodation in Georgia. Taking run-down properties and breathing new life into them is what motivates him and his team.

Shipp’s journey into real estate began several years ago after he decided that he wanted to do more to help his family.

“I bought a red suit to stand out at events, read every book I could get my hands on, and took every course I came across,” he says.

However, over time, he learned that nothing compared to practically solving people’s problems.

“I went to a few seminars … but none of that equaled what I learned from hands-on experience,” he says.

To date, Kaotic has bought more than $12 million worth of properties. The firm begins by meeting the current owners in person to learn more about their situation and what they want to achieve. The Kaotic team then implements a step-by-step process to evaluate the integrity of the property, focusing on the foundations, windows, roof, gutters, interior condition, landscape, acreage, location, and positioning. The firm then uses this information to make an offer on the property. If the owner accepts it, Kaotic buys the house, fully renovates it to a high standard, and then sells it to a family that needs it.

Since going into business, Kaotic has helped sellers in various challenging situations, including pre-foreclosure, divorce, and probate. It also helps people move in and out of state quickly and provides liquidity for those going through bankruptcy. Interestingly, some of its clients are landlords who are tired of running rental properties and want to do something different with their time and money.

To learn more about Kaotic and its services, visit the company’s website at https://kaoticres.com/. To get in touch with the team or Justin Shipp directly, phone 678-792-8901 or email at [email protected]

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