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Tulsa, OK – Burggraf Roofing has launched a commercial roof maintenance program to help its clients prolong their roof’s lifespan and avoid unnecessary costs. Roof maintenance needs to be more proactive rather than a reactive approach. Routine inspection and repair are proactive methods of ensuring the roof is well maintained and long-lasting. A well-maintained roof can last an average of 21 years compared to an average lifespan of 13 years with reactive maintenance. Burggraf Roofing has launched a commercial roof maintenance program to help homeowners to be more proactive. This helps extend the roof’s life span, decrease the life cycle costs such as repairs and increase the overall savings on aspects such as roof replacement which can be avoided. The company offers the most affordable and dependable roofing solutions.

Tulsa commercial roofing experts have a team of experienced roofers who uphold the highest standards. They use the latest roofing techniques and utilize top technology to provide exemplary roofing services. Their roofing contractors provide a100% satisfaction guarantee through top-quality roofing services. The company offers personalized services and competitive prices and handles all types of roofing projects regardless of the magnitude. The company spokesperson had this to say about their services,” We are dedicated to our customers and always exceed expectations. We provide quality roofing services, professional roof care, and exceptional customer services. We have a satisfaction guarantee that ensures our contractors offer the best in the industry. We also have 5-star reviews from our satisfied clients, and it’s no wonder we are the top choice for your Tulsa roofing needs.”

One of the key features of the launched program is sensitizing commercial property owners on ways to maintain their roofs. Their top tips include getting the roof inspected twice per year, having leaks fixed right away, and checking the roof after bad storms. The roof should be kept clean, regularly unclog drains and gutters, avoid walking on the roof and remove overhanging tree branches. Property owners should always ensure the roof equipment is functioning and get snow cleared in the winter months. All these tips help in maintaining a strong roof. However, having a certified commercial roofing contractor with proper training to handle the roof maintenance needs is a better option. Burggraf Roofing offers all the above services as part of their newly launched program at an affordable rate.

Besides commercial roof maintenance, they offer other commercial services such as thermoplastic roofing, which helps keep a water-tight seal on flat commercial roofs. For green roofing, the company uses environmentally friendly materials or reflective materials that help reduce the building’s cooling consumption. On the other hand, EPDM roofing is ideal for slope roofing and can protect the roof from elements for the long term. They also install solar panels, which is a perfect alternative energy source that helps companies save on energy costs. The company also specializes in residential roofing, roof repair and replacement, free roof inspection, and storm damage.

Burggraf Roofing is headquartered at 400 S Rockford Ave, suite A110, Tulsa, OK, 74120, United States. They can be reached by phone at (918) 370-4444. Visit their website for more information on their services.

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