Mohammad Reza Rezapour Khajekini better known as Mohammad Datees is an Iranian Famous Music Producer, Singer and Songwriter born on 16 April 1995, in Tehran, Iran.

He raised in a family with art background and learned to read and write in age 4, while other kids were playing video games,

Mohammad Datees used to learn the abilities like speaking new languages and writing poems and songs.

Mohammad Datees released his first song ‘Hasht’ in a various Artists album ‘Tabar’ with many of famous Iranian artists when he was 18 and It made him called the golden boy of Iran’s music industry.

He worked with many professional Audio Engineers and Music Producers while He released 2 Studio Albums, and 1 Mixtape, and up to dozens of Single Tracks,

Then He met Big Mori and Mohsen Avid that were —

2 professional artists — and this collaboration was the beginning of creating a new genre ‘Trill’ that was the combination of Uk drill and Techno.

Mohammad Datees is one of the most iconic Alternative and Experimental Music Producers in Iran and Middle East.

Mohammad Datees is now working on his third official studio album, His new album is in ‘ Space – Hop ‘ genre that is a new style of music made by him.

Mohammad Datees is always known as a self-made artist, and many of Iranians love him for being humble to fans and media journalists.

He lives in Tehran and recently He said to fans that never will leave his Country because Iran is the paradise of the Middle East.





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