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The recent launch is part of updates to paperback and ebook versions of the book, which is available to purchase via Amazon, or directly from the series’ website alongside a 20-page shark colouring book.

More information can be found at https://www.childrensbooksforkidswhocare.ca

Children’s Books for Kids Who Care’s updates have been developed to ensure children are aware of the facts about their favourite animals and have the tools and opportunity to learn through entertainment as they read.

The first in the company’s ‘Super Quick Reads’, ‘Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad’ presents a wealth of information to children in a fun and unique manner, and is presented in an easy-to-follow way that appeals to children of most age groups. The series as a whole aims to teach children about the importance of endangered species, and their role and responsibility in helping to protect such animals in small, everyday ways that can make a difference.

Learn more at https://www.pinterest.ca/childrensbooksforkidswhocare

A 20 to 25-minute read, the book helps children to learn about the role of sharks in the ocean, and how they actually protect and keep the sea clean simply by existing and following their natural instincts. This information is offered in bite-size pieces and presented with context that’s easy for kids to retain and remember long after they’ve finished reading. The book also explains how sharks contribute to reducing global warming and are not the scary creatures most people are led to believe.

With a number of hand-drawn, colourful illustrations, Carol ‘Carrots’ Perkins outlines how humans do far more harm to sharks than the other way around, and includes memorable statistics and facts to help kids to recall their reading. ‘Sharks: Ocean Rescue’, as the first part of a series, sets a precedent for Perkins’ smart and informative approach to children’s non-fiction, accompanying important learning with drawings and artwork that reiterate her words to appeal to a range of learning styles.

A follow-up book is currently in the works covering the topic of rhinos, to teach kids about the five species, their role in the ecosystem, and how they have become endangered and need to be protected.

Interested parties can learn more at https://www.amazon.com/Sharks-Ocean-Rescue-Endangered-Species-ebook/dp/B08PQ3T4PJ

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