How do motivational songs affect health and mental improvement? An overview of “Parvaz”, a song by “Dadmehr” the euphonious and talented Iranian singer.mohammad zeinali

Mostly, a positive and calming energy song is one of the things that everyone would need in their lives.

We need to listen to motivational and energetic songs sometimes to strengthen our perseverance.

But, Why do we certainly have to listen to songs?

Music is the food of the human soul ؛ It’s clear that you will have more energy and perseverance in addition to being more motivated to keep working by listening to motivational and energetic songs.

Listening to beautiful music can easily provoke your emotions and change your desperate mood.

If you’re a music lover, you’ll know that music has many benefits for you.

Most of us have certainly experienced that if we listen to good music while doing exercise, it becomes easier and enjoyable.

There is definitely some logical reasoning for that;

Research has shown that the rhythm of music has a massive impact on our body’s vital reactions.

According to researchers, the effect of cheerful music on increasing motivation is even greater than drugs.

In fact, music increases the level of adrenaline in the blood, causing sensory arousal and excitement in us, and this increases our motivation to reach our goals.

Furthermore, listening to music with a fast rhythm makes us work harder and faster, in addition to increasing our motivation.

For instance, listening to such songs as “Parvaz” by “Dadmehr”, a popular talented Iranian artist, which has a motivational content as well as creating a romantic and pleasant atmosphere in the lyrics;

then it is very effective on mental health improvement and positive thoughts creations.

In fact, Dadmehr (the singer of this work) is a good musician artist and a young inventor too, who has succeeded not only in the field of electronic sciences,

which is one of his principal specialties, but also he equally has tremendous achievements in the fields of astronomy,

psychology, management, and business in addition to singing.

At last, it may seem quite eccentric that listening to happy music greatly increases our patience;

because, as our heart rate and respiration increase, so does the function of our body and mind.

Hence, as a result, our tension to endure hardships increases gradually; and the power of dealings with events will become more fluent and better In the end.





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