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Istanbul, Turkey, 18th May 2022, King NewsWire, As Turkey becomes one of the top medical tourism destinations, attracting millions of medical tourists annually, some of its most renowned clinics are starting to enjoy newfound fame. Estheday Medical Beauty is quickly becoming the go-to clinic for local and international patients looking to enhance their physical appearance and improve self-confidence.

As a branch of the Nişantaşı Hospital Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery department located in Istanbul, Estheday offers advanced treatments using cutting-edge tools and technologies, making it one of the most reliable clinics for plastic surgery in Turkey. It prioritizes the utmost patient satisfaction, providing the highest levels of care that ensure patient comfort.


At Estheday, patients can schedule plastic surgery, hair transplants, and obesity treatments.

The clinic’s comprehensive plastic surgery treatments include:

●  Rhinoplasty (nose surgery);

●  Breast augmentation;

●  Breast reduction;

●  Breast lift;

●  Liposuction;

●  Brazilian butt lift (BBL);

●  Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck);

●  360 body lift – post-bariatric surgery.

Patients suffering from excessive hair loss can restore their natural hair appearance at Estheday with:

●  Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant;

●  Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) hair transplant;

●  Hair Mesotherapy.

In addition, Estheday offers surgical treatments for obesity:

●  Sleeve Gastrectomy;

●  Gastric balloon surgery;

●  Gastric bypass;

●  Revision obesity surgery.

Regardless of the type of plastic surgery chosen, doctors at Estheday always offer a thorough consultation before the treatment. Patients can freely schedule online consultations with the doctor, where they’ll discuss their condition, current treatments (if any), and desired results.

The doctors will then offer professional advice on the best treatment options, develop a personalized plan, and explain how the surgery and the recovery process will go. They will schedule the operation only after the patient is fully aware of the entire process step-by-step and the implications of their chosen treatment.

To ensure no misunderstandings or miscommunication, Estheday hires interpreters speaking the patient’s native language and offers 24/7 support.

Considering that many international patients may find it challenging to navigate their way through Istanbul when they arrive for their treatments, Estheday offers comprehensive surgery packages.

The all-inclusive package includes the surgery itself, all the required medications before and after it, accommodation at a luxury hotel in the vicinity of the clinic, and VIP transfers from the airport to the hotel, clinic, and back. Moreover, all the patients receive free virtual follow-ups with their doctors to ensure that the recovery process is going smoothly.

Although many patients expect to spend a fortune on the treatments offered at Estheday, that’s far from the truth. While the same treatments can cost tens of thousands of dollars in most of Europe and the US, Turkish clinics offer them at just a fraction of that cost.

However, low price does not imply low quality. The only reason why Estheday has such affordable pricing is the low cost of living in Turkey. With everything from rent and utilities to education and healthcare being more affordable, Turkish clinics can offer significantly lower prices for plastic surgery than most western countries while still delivering the utmost quality of care.

The doctors and medical staff at Estheday are all talented professionals with years of experience in plastic surgery. Many of them have graduated with honors from some of the most respected Turkish universities. They’ve all spent years perfecting their skills at respectable hospitals and medical facilities worldwide, turning their profession into an art form.

They’re devoted to their patients, always developing more sophisticated surgical approaches and innovative tools to improve patient comfort and accelerate their recovery.

While the staff at Estheday always focuses on delivering the results that the patient is after, they primarily prioritize the overall patient wellbeing. They will ensure that the surgery is completely safe for the patient before they proceed with the treatment.

Anyone interested in learning more about their available treatment options can always check out Estheday’s blog, where the clinic goes into detail on what you can expect at the clinic. Of course, with 24/7 support, all patients can contact the clinic directly at any time and get all the information they need to make an informed decision.

The clinic also offers educational before and after pictures of their previous patients, giving everyone a chance to learn what a difference plastic surgery can make.

Considering just how dedicated Estheday is to ensure complete patient comfort and satisfaction, it’s no wonder that it’s quickly becoming Turkey’s leading plastic surgery clinic. With experienced staff, advanced equipment, and the highest standards of care, Estheday is the go-to clinic for all domestic and international patients seeking to enhance their physical appearance.

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