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After the sudden and controversial downfall of Artesian Builds who left many customers without their computers or their funds, the custom gaming PC builders at PowerGPU have decided to start what they are calling “Operation Giveback 2022”. This was announced as an effort to get together as an online community to help and support those who were financially hurt by the actions of Artesian Builds.

PowerGPU and its many partners have come together to donate 50 PCs to the gaming community.

An astounding amount of well known companies have come to support the cause. Never has such a collaboration come together to help in such a circumstance. PowerGPU was recently quoted saying “We would like to give a special thanks to these Partners. When we considered the idea to give back to the community in this manner, they did not hesitate to get on board and help us. That is what true community is about.”

The company, which grew so quickly after the support of the community on Twitter and other platforms, has gained quite the reputation within the gaming industry. The company has grown exponentially within the past three years and there is no plan to stop there. The company is known for their custom computer manufacturing, also known as system integrators, tailored to the clients’ needs and their dedication to community and Esports. Their PCs have proven to dominate the industry’s most high profile streamers and YouTubers which include Ninja, Dream, Myth, Mr. Beast, SapNap, SypherPK and many more!

Due to the brand’s support from the community and elevated reputation as a brand, they have won the support of many companies like Enermax, Phanteks, DeepCool, Kingston, Crucial, VisionTek, Mushkin, EVGA, VastGG, Aperion Global, Metro Esports, ASUS and NZXT.

Vendor Support Breakdown:

Partners like Enermax and Phanteks have both donated computer cases to the cause.

Partners at Mushkin, Kingston, Crucial, VisionTek have graciously come together to provide all the needed SSD’s and RAM.

DEEPCOOL has donated x50 high quality coolers.

VastGG has contributed towards the purchase of the graphics cards for the PCs.

EVGA has donated power supplies, keyboards, mice and capture cards

ASUS donated 5K in funds towards the purchase of motherboards

NZXT, another system integrator, donated CPUs, motherboards and power supplies.

The remaining partners donated funds towards the cause.

Aside from the many partner companies coming together to help, PowerGPU has also started a fund where other members of the community can donate to help the cause. PowerGPU will not only be donating all the labor cost to put the builds together but has also pledged to contribute $25 of every PC sold to the fund for the remaining components until the end of May 2022. The company has also donated free tech support sessions to some clients who have called with technical issues, and can no longer have support from Artesian.

The company continues to seek assistance for additional components needed for the completion of the project but the support has been overwhelming and they have no doubt that they will reach that goal!

“We are currently working on looking for partners and/or donations to finish the builds. We know and have seen how the gaming community comes together to support each other and we are glad to have such an amazing community!” – said Stephanie, the CEO of PowerGPU.

The company has set up a special page to also include an application for those who have been affected by Artesian and that will not be getting their funds or computers back after the company filed bankruptcy on April 22, 2022. The application will serve as a submission to qualify as one of the recipients of the 50 PCs being built by PowerGPU.

If you want to know more about the PowerGPU, you can keep up with the PowerGPU Twitter account where they post updates about Operation Giveback 2022, company updates, ready to ship PCs and more.

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