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Houston, TX – Hailed as the best chiropractor Houston has to offer, Body Integrations Chiropractic has introduced the Contour Red Light Program as a means to lose weight. The program is completely non-invasive, and patients reap huge benefits such as being left without a wound to heal, no pain, and there are zero recuperation hours required. The program is performed under strict doctor’s supervision and targets tough weight loss spots such as hips, waistline, thighs, arms, and chin. The design of the contour light is customized to snuggly fit the areas being treated. The customization equally allows for coverage of every body type and area. For instance, they make smaller parts to treat the upper arms for better overall results. The customized Contour Red Light also makes it easy for the medical professional to maneuver around. Patients who require their necks to be treated also get a face mask that covers their foreheads up to the upper chest. Interestingly the face mask achieves more than just treating the neck area; the patients notice a reduction of fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles. This leads to glowing, well-toned skin on top of a sculpted body.

Because the program is non-invasive, patients can resume their normal duties immediately after the treatment. The procedure is easily conducted in the doctor’s clinic and there are no known side effects associated with it. The weight loss program is helping individuals to lose weight quickly while improving their health. It’s also combined with a 30-minute, relaxing treatment that quickens the fat-burning mechanisms in the body. Alongside the program, patients are given simple diets to follow, nutritional advice, and easy exercises to participate in. Patients who have gone through the procedure report that the process is not painful and only experience a tender warming sensation.

This weight loss program is a perfect option for an individual planning a major celebratory event such as a wedding but is constrained on time. Yet they still want to blow their guests’ minds away with a sensationally sculpted body and well-toned skin.

“Dr. Nicol is the best, and I always leave feeling so much better! He’s personable and knowledgeable and takes such good care of my husband and me,” raved one satisfied client.

This chiropractic clinic invests in the latest chiropractic tools and treatments. The medical professionals are friendly, intuitive, and reliable. On top of the weight loss services, they are qualified to offer other services such as massage therapy, chiropractic therapy, the proadjuster, extremity adjustments, nutritional counseling, custom orthotics, and nature’s pharmacy. Under chiropractic therapy, they ensure the spine and the body are properly aligned and in tune with each other. They recommend the right stretches to do, the diet to follow, and exercises to undertake for general chiropractic care. They also give nutritional supplements that are natural, affordable, and convenient.

To learn more about Body Integrations Chiropractic, visit their website or call (713) 781-3114 to speak to a customer representative. The clinic is located at 7500 San Felipe St UNIT 202, Houston, TX, 77063, USA.

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