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Jay Boyer explains that since he published his first bestselling book, he has been approached by numerous aspiring writers wanting to get published. Now he has released a new online PDF covering everything needed to get started.

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With “How to Write a Bestselling Children’s Book”, anyone can learn a system that is quick and easy to repeat across any idea or age range. It also covers a series of many of the most frequently asked questions to major concerns, topics, and publishing challenges.

While publishing children’s books is a bucket list item for many writers, one of the biggest hurdles is getting started. Many people overcomplicate the writing process, which can stop them from accomplishing their goals.

By downloading the online writing children’s chapter book PDF guide, aspiring authors will find a proven formula for both writing and publishing Kindle books. They can apply the system to their own work, and then publish their first story within 48 hours.

Anyone can learn how to come up with ideas for stories, discover practical research tips, and find and use illustrations to increase the impact of each story. Other aspects of the program touch on formatting the manuscript, the correct word length based on the target audience, and marketing advice.

Jay explains that the cover image for every ebook is one of the most important considerations because it’s here where writers can capture attention. Part of his system revolves around streamlining the research process for visual inspiration, which can be carried out in three minutes.

This then forms the foundation for a repeatable system for story creation, whether writers are targeting young children or middle-grade readers.

Of his success and the growth of the program, Jay states: “I’ve had people contacting me like Jay, can you show me how to write a number one bestselling children’s book? I had absolutely no idea that this was such a bucket list item, but it’s absolutely the case. I’ve had thousands of students come through this program, most of which have never published a children’s book before.”

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