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“A Deeper Wellness, Conquering Stress, Mood, Anxiety, and Traumas,” a new self-help book by Dr. Monica Vermani, C. Psych., Clinical Psychologist, offers a roadmap that will lead people out of pain and fear, and into the life they desire and deserve. Drawing from her 25 years of clinical practice, she guides readers to heal their past, and deal with the problems in their life today by confronting the thoughts and behaviors that stand in the way of their happiness.

Now available for purchase on Amazon, A Deeper Wellness contains 18 clear and succinct chapters. Each lesson helps readers create deep change in their lives. In A Deeper Wellness, readers will find focused and practical steps to healing their past, dealing with the present, and building a more authentic and connected future.

Many people who want to receive therapy lack the financial resources, time or access to a therapist. Dr. Vermani set out to write a book as an accessible and practical resource for anyone of any age who is struggling and in search of tools and strategies to help them move beyond their pain.

A Deeper Wellness offers insights into the interplay of problematic physical symptoms, negative thoughts and harmful, maladaptive behaviors. It will help people free themselves from past hurts and emotional debris, guide them to take steps to factor their wellbeing into the equation of their life, and connect them with opportunities to heal, grow, and commit to living a more authentic, happier life.

Dr. Monica Vermani. C. Psych., is an experienced clinical psychologist specializing in personal trauma. She has been practicing for more than 25 years and believes that everyone can achieve their personal happiness with structured and focused therapy.

About A Deeper Wellness, Cassandra Joan Butler BSW, MS, LMT, says: “The meteoric rise of mental health issues congruent with the pandemic demands a healing approach that goes deeper than the traditional therapeutic models. A Deeper Wellness provides an essential healing tool for these times.”

Read more about A Deeper Wellness here: https://www.book.adeeperwellness.com

Here are some reviews on the book:

“This is the book that everyone needs– whether they know it or not.”

~ Sonia Jhas, TEDx Speaker, Mindset, and Wellness Expert

“Highly recommend this book for its ability to make complicated emotions simple to understand.”

~ Mia Martina, Multi-Platinum Recording Artist & #1 Bestselling Author

A Deeper Wellness is also available for purchase worldwide on AMAZON here:

USA: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1777915503/ref=sr_1_1

CANADA: https://www.amazon.ca/Deeper-Wellness-Conquering-Anxiety-Traumas/dp/1777915503/

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of A Deeper Wellness will be donated to charity.

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