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With this announcement, Drainage Team addresses the latest regulations affecting stormwater management requirements. Their highly trained staff, with over 25 years of expertise and a full range of residential and commercial drainage solutions, continues to guide clients through the ever-evolving and complicated field of stormwater management.

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The latest announcement helps clients prevent a wide range of potential issues. Water runoff can be devastating to St. Louis properties, causing serious damage to the interior and exterior of buildings. In as little as one storm, damage could occur resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs.

Drainage Team’s experts identify problem areas, looking for water runoff that could accumulate and cause long-lasting damage to foundations or issues with mold. Once problem areas are identified, Drainage Team corrects any issues by leading water away from building foundations using specialized, state-of-the-art equipment.

Drainage Team’s Project Consultants investigate specific customer needs, whether projects are large or small, then propose solutions aligned with necessary requirements. Consultants take time to educate homeowners and property managers about current stormwater situations along with the remedies available, providing the most effective and affordable solutions. In addition, the experts at Drainage Team maintain close working relationships with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies to stay on top of continually changing regulations in stormwater management.

Drainage Team Specialists plan and install stormwater systems with the environment in mind, recycling all possible materials. Their piping systems are designed and positioned in a way that provides ease of maintenance, meaning that the system is accessible for future cleaning and years of optimal functionality.

With the latest update, the St. Louis stormwater management company continues to invest in the development of high-quality solutions adapted to the latest industry standards.

A satisfied Missouri customer said: “The Drainage Team completed a big project at our home and we couldn’t be more satisfied. They are clear and fair on pricing and do fantastic work. They explain everything they’re doing and clean up after the job each day. I highly recommend this company.”

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