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Brisbane, Queensland – Given the numerous health risks associated with lead paints, especially among young children, it is important to remove them at the earliest possible convenience upon detection. While new paints don’t contain lead traces, most older ones do in different concentrations, posing a continuous risk to people living or operating from older structures. Lead Paint Removal Brisbane is the go-to company for expert lead paint removal services in Brisbane, Queensland, and the surrounding areas. Having been in the business since 2015, its employees have reduced lead paint removal down to a science, guaranteeing the removal of up to 90% of all lead traces regardless of their concentrations.

While commenting on their experience with the paint experts from Lead Paint Removal Brisbane, one happy client said, “The guys did a great professional job under difficult circumstances. Removing the old lead paint proved more difficult than expected, but they kept at it, and the repainted wall looks brand new. I would highly recommend them based on this work.”

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane’s impressive success in removing lead traces from buildings boils back to its meticulous process, which begins with conducting comprehensive tests to determine their concentrations. It is impossible to definitively tell by simple observation whether or not the paint used on a building is lead-based. Aware of this, company experts use top-of-the-line colour-coded testing kits capable of detecting even the slightest traces of lead. They check all paint layers applied over the years to ensure that they get accurate results the first time around. Knowing the amount of lead present helps them determine the best lead paint removal process.

Depending on their findings, the experts select a suitable lead paint removal technique from two options; full chemical removal and wet sanding. For chemical removal, they apply a specific chemical substance to make the paint soluble, cover it up for some time, and then scrape the paint off the surface for safe disposal. Their wet-sanding lead paint removal process uses a permeable geotextile fabric on a wet sander to trap all paint particles. They also do lead paint encapsulation to allow safe painting over lead-based paints. Whichever option they recommend always guarantees the desired results the first time around.

The timeframes for lead paint removal vary depending on lead concentrations and the scale of work required. Lead Paint Removal Brisbane experts can provide accurate timeframes upfront upon request, allowing clients to make all the necessary preparations ahead of time. They also provide accurate cost estimates without any hidden or additional charges once they complete a job.

Clients can learn more about Lead Paint Removal Brisbane by visiting its website. A company representative is always available via 1800577393 to answer any questions. The company is located at 22/47 Park Road, Brisbane, Queensland, 4064, AU.

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