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Waldorf, MD: Center for Vascular Medicine – Waldorf offers diagnosis and personalized treatments to patients with vascular diseases of the legs. Some arterial symptoms, such as tingling when walking, tingling in the legs, numbness of legs, and coldness in the legs, may indicate that the patient needs assistance before the condition worsens. Those with venous disease symptoms such as leg swelling, feet swelling, restless legs, and chronic pelvic pain can also get a diagnosis and later receive personalized treatments.

The vascular surgeon carries out a comprehensive physical examination, which includes looking at some risk factors. Some include smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol for patients with arterial diseases. For patients with venous diseases, the specialist checks a range of risk factors such as obesity, multiple pregnancies, and genetics.

Besides the physical examination, the center orders an ultrasound scan in one of its accredited facilities before reviewing the patient’s scan results and going through their medical history. The Waldorf vascular surgeon then discusses the results with the patients and the best way forward. In addition to the non-invasive imaging modality, the center uses other options, such as an angiogram, venogram procedure, and intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), to confirm a diagnosis.

Thanks to the developments of endovenous treatment modalities and innovations, most conditions are reversible. The atherectomy procedure is one of the new treatment options, which involves mechanically removing blockages and plaques in the patient’s arteries using specialized medical devices. Depending on the diagnosis results, the surgeons may alternatively recommend a venoplasty procedure (on affected veins) and angioplasty procedure (on affected arteries). The treatments involve deflating the diseased vessels to increase the blood flow.

The center also offers diagnosis and treatment plans to patients suffering from vascular disease of the feet. It provides diagnosis and personalized treatment for patients experiencing pain when exercising or walking, pale feet when elevated, feet swelling, difficulty flexing or moving toes, and tingling sensation and numbness. Some of the extensive treatments include removing blockages and increasing the diameter of the affected blood vessel.

Other treatment options include reinforcing the vessel walls and offering alternative routes to the blood flow. However, the center first diagnoses the patient to understand the extent of the blood vessel damage and determine the best treatment plan. In addition to the standard surgical procedures, the center uses newer treatment options such as atherectomy, angioplasty, venoplasty, and stenting to treat the conditions.

Center for Vascular Medicine – Waldorf is located at 12107 Old Line Center, Waldorf, MD, 20602, US. Patients can contact the vascular specialists at 301-386-4690. Visit the center’s website for more information.

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