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It seems like yesterday that Ozburn Electrical Contractors, owned by Terry Ozburn, a lifelong residence of Newton County, Georgia, and wife Patricia, were recognized for outstanding customer satisfaction in the Customer Satisfaction Audit (CSA) program provided by a St. Paul, Minnesota-based organization that promotes customer-oriented business conduct. This award, in addition to a perfect 5-Star Google rating, helps Ozburn Electric stand out from the crowd when it comes to electrical services.

The customer satisfaction audit was performed by an independent market research firm to identify factors that influence how customers perceive household service and repair companies such as Ozburn Electrical Contractors, Inc. of Covington, GA. Factors were narrowed to; workmanship, promptness/dependability, customer relations, price and overall satisfaction. Ozburn Electric not only excelled in all categories, they ranked just shy of a perfect score.

The customer satisfaction audit, or CSA, was a compilation of a random sampling of over 200 customers who were contacted by the market research firm and asked to rate Ozburn Electric based on workmanship, promptness/dependability, customer relations, price and overall satisfaction. These customers included residential homeowners, retail business owners, commercial property owners, manufacturing facilities, industrial plants, and more. All responses were measured on a scale of 0 to 10 (10 highest) in a detailed series of questions about electrical service performance and their level of satisfaction.

Ozburn Electrical Contractors, Inc. received a combined rating of 9.01 out of a possible 10. “Customer service is paramount to staying in business,” says Harold T. Ozburn, president and owner of Ozburn Electrical Contractors, Inc. “We teach each one of our electrical technicians to view each customer as a “lifetime” customer, not as an individual sale. We want repeat customers and to do this you have to treat each customer as though they are family. That means excellent workmanship, the highest quality service and products, and good customer satisfaction is key to keeping each customer coming back.”

The successful “Customer Satisfaction Audit” along with many other awards grace the walls of Ozburn Electric and serve as a reminder, to the employees, that “the customer is #1”. Many other awards, such as the Newton County Chamber of Commerce “Dick James” Small Business of the Year award, serve as a reminder of the cumulative effort that each and every employee puts forth to make Ozburn Electric a premier electrical services company in Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and the Southeast.

Ozburn Electrical Contractors, is an electrical service provider, serving residential, commercial and industrial customers in the Georgia and the Southeast since 1984. For more information about Ozburn Electric’s 5-Star service or to schedule an appointment, call: (770) 784-1618, email: [email protected], or visit their website at; www.ozburnelectrical.com.

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