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The recently launched Oar Board rower offers similar benefits to an indoor rowing machine, including core strength and muscle development. Users can strap the rower easily onto a standard hard or inflatable SUP (standup paddleboard).

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With the recently launched paddleboard rower, anyone in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom can enjoy the strength, flexibility, and cardio benefits while rowing. Rowing an Oar Board burns the same number of calories as running while putting no strain on the knees, joints, or connective tissues, making it ideal for cross-training or even as a full-body workout.

The sliding rigger on the Oar Board rower keeps the rower’s weight centered, resulting in a smooth row without the hobby horse effect. There is a thin strap that wraps around the paddleboard and a stainless steel buckle that locks the Oar Board firmly in place. The two-part carbon fiber sculling oars that are available with the Oar Board are not just ideal for rowing but can be disassembled for simpler transportation.

Oar Board’s paddleboard rower is now used in over 62 countries. It is available for purchase directly from the company website, or from a select number of dealers located around the world. The Oar Board rower comes complete and ready for assembly, and it straps onto any paddleboard measuring 10 feet or 3 meters in about five minutes.

About Oar Board

Oar Board, a Whitehall Reproductions Canada brand, has a long tradition of designing sturdy, all-water rowing boats with a unique blend of expertise, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail. Its paddleboards are specifically intended for use with the Oar Board rower. Harold Aune, the founder of Oar Board, has been in the business since 1987.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Over the years, we’ve designed and built numerous boats and equipment. So far, the most satisfying project has been the Oar Board. It’s yet another example of our forward-thinking ingenuity and expertise.”

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Oar Board – A Division of Whitehall Reproductions Canada Ltd.
Oar Board – A Division of Whitehall Reproductions Canada Ltd.
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