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The industry report, authored for SPINSUCKS and titled ‘The Social Audio Revolution Is Here’, explores the boom that has been witnessed in audio-driven social media spaces following the success of Clubhouse.

More details can be found at https://spinsucks.com/social-media/social-audio-revolution

In just one nascent year of development, Clubhouse – in essence, a hub of audio chatroom spaces – attracted over 28 million followers. Developed by industry newcomer Alpha Exploration Co., the platform is rapidly growing – which, according to Ciccarelli’s latest article, is an indicator of a broader shift towards audio spaces in order to combat global Zoom fatigue.

Citing further industry developments, such as Facebook, Reddit, Spotify and Twitter, all pioneering and branding their own audio spaces, Ciccarelli, himself a market leader in the creator economy, argues that all marketers should consider the audience exposure and branding potential of audio content.

As such, the thought leadership piece channels Ciccarelli’s experience at the frontline of the social audio revolution, as well as the advice of a host of other veteran industry CEOs. It offers his contemporaries and aspiring market leaders three key ways in which they can maximize this burgeoning space.

In particular, Ciccarelli provides insights on how to ‘rent’ someone else’s pre-existing audience on an audio-based social platform through advertising, as a firm or brand is authentically growing their own audience on that same platform.

About David Ciccarelli and Voices

David Ciccarelli founded Voices, which today has a talent pool of over 2,000,000 freelance voice artists. To date, they have worked with over 42,000 different companies, including top-tier firms and media institutions like Shopify, Microsoft, BMW, Hulu, and The Discovery Channel.

They are proud to have cultivated a reputation for forward-thinking, innovative practices and as industry leaders in the realm of audio content, production, and social media.

As Ciccarrelli stated in the report, “Once you’ve learned what a social audio space offers, set a few parameters to analyze audience engagement, weigh the value of your efforts, and look for opportunities to generate additional returns. No matter what approach you choose, it will benefit your company as the social audio revolution unfolds.”

More information is available at https://www.voices.com


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