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Earlier today, Securatech announced the launch of its new Security Guard Services, set to go live May 12th. For anyone with even a passing interest in the world of Security for Commercial Property Owners, this new development will be worth paying attention to, as it’s set to shake things up.

Currently, with even a passing glance, a person will notice when it comes to security, every other company offers either security equipment or security guard services. Securatech is the only company to offer both. It’s truly a full service security business. The President at Securatech, “Securing and protecting your home or business is our business.” Rudy Patros says, “We provide that ‘peace of mind’ feeling”, and makes a point of saying “things are going to change when our Security Guard Services launches”.

“Where you’ll always see our competitors doing the same old thing, we do it differently. Our competitors can only offer limited services, but we are able to be a one stop shop. We are excited about the combined strength and all that we can bring to our clients. Ultimately this is going to be a huge benefit to our customers because we are a full service company our clients can get the correct amount and kind of protection and at a reasonable cost.”

Securatech was established in 2010. Rudy Patros, the President of Securatech has 20 years of experience in the security business and has always aimed to the business’ plan to offer tailor-fit security services to the client’s specific needs, offered at competitive prices and with a personalized service level that’s unmatched in the industry. With the acquisition of MSO and PRMG Guard Services last year we have been transitioning and merging the forces to accomplish this vision.

Currently, there is no other business that can match Securatech Security Guard Service’s capabilities, professionalism and service. Securatech is now able to offer Michigan residents, investors, businesses and property owners for anything from burglar and fire alarms, video surveillance, card access, corporate threat assessments, security guards, executive protection to private investigation. This alone is predicted to make Securatech’s Security Guard Services service more popular with customers in the Commercial Property Owners space, quickly.

Once again, the Security Guard Services service is set to launch May 1st. To find out more, the place to visit is

[email protected]
27260 Haggerty Rd Ste A1

Farmington Hills
United States

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