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The salon is offering local customers of all ages the latest innovations in microblading to deliver smudge-proof, long-lasting eyebrow pigment.

More information is available at Beautiful U .

With this announcement, Beautiful U is offering to design bespoke eyebrows that mimic natural hair strokes. The procedure can be used to restore patches, correct uneven brows, cover scars, or fill in pale brows.

Beautiful U explains that microblading is a non-invasive procedure used to enhance the appearance of eyebrows. A hand tool with a thin blade formed of small needles is used to scratch pigment granules into the dermal layer of the skin, to resemble individual hairs. The result is a natural-looking tattoo that is shaped to the client’s specifications. Generally, due to the delicate lines, the ink will last for around two years.

New customers will undertake an initial consultation to ensure that microblading is suitable for their skin type. The practitioner will discuss the shape, colour, and style of the brow with the client, and analyse the natural hair colour and skin tone.

During the first session, the technician will use an eyebrow pencil to create the outline of the brow. Once the area is cleaned and a numbing solution applied, the procedure is carried out using the latest technology. This session can take up to two hours.

Once completed, Beautiful U recommend that customers refrain from getting their brows wet as they undergo the natural healing process. If working in a physical job or warm environment, they suggest covering the brows with ointment to make sure the pigment is protected from sweat. After 18 months, a follow-up appointment will be booked to touch up any fading.

The salon offers a wide range of other beauty treatments including manicures, artificial nails, foot treatments, waxing, facial therapy, and eyelash extensions. Their expert practitioners can also use the microblading pigment to add lip colour and enhance eyelashes by adding a subtle liner to the eyelid.

As one of Edinburgh’s leading beauty salons, Beautiful U is dedicated to offering customers the latest beauty treatments in a friendly, relaxed environment.

A spokesperson for the salon said, “We truly believe in what we do, and we know that our treatments offer more than just a face-lift or manicure. They provide heightened self-esteem, a greater sense of confidence and that ultimate ‘feel good’ factor to all of our clients.”

Interested readers can find out more and book a microblading consultation at https://business.google.com/website/beautiful-u-edinburgh

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