The John Amann Agency Celebrates Small Businesses by Offering a Variety of Services to Help Them Grow Including a HR Platform to Comply with US Government Business Reporting Requirements


John Amann founder of the John Amann Agency offers services that are helpful to busy small business owners including Small Business Insurance, Small Business Tax, Technical Support, Human Resources (HR), Payroll Services, Healthcare Consulting, HR Consulting, Nonprofit Consulting, Business Law, and Executive Administrative Assistants.

Since Small Employers with a staff of 2 – 50 can find it challenging and complicated to provide benefits to their employees without the services of a full-time HR Department, the John Amann Agency is focused on helping business owners upgrade their small business HR functions to meet the ‘new normal’ of remote work in the digital world.

“We understand these challenges and offer solutions that involve an easy-to-use HR platform to manage all of the necessary Human Resource functions necessary to comply with the reporting requirements of the US Government,” says John.

The HR platform can be run by one person spending as little as 6 to 8 hours a week. For some, there is more amazing news, the cost for this platform can be zero dollars if qualified. “Being a Brokerage allows us to seek the most appropriate coverage by matching whatever a small business needs to fit within their budget,” says John.

The Agency helps small employers to offer employee benefits, make sure that their renewal rates are what they should be and discover if an individual is paying too much for their individual medical insurance and more.

John’s Agency offers a free consultation to review employee benefits goals and present options small business owners can understand and plan for them accordingly.

About John Amann Agency

Many Small Employers struggle with HR functions, Payroll integration, managing employee enrollment, employee benefits & engagement and more importantly regulation and compliance issues that come with IRS & ACA reporting. The John Amann Agency provides clients with a free evaluation and set up with their complementary HR Platform to manage HR functions and keep small business owners compliant with the government.

According to John, “Our goal is to establish long-term trusting relationships with our clients. To achieve this goal, we install the HR platform for free in the hope of eventually gaining your trust and business. The EASE HR platform only requires a few hours a week to manage, there is no need for a dedicated HR person, and the software becomes the HR expert, as we do most of the processing.”

John welcomes business owners’ requests for a Complimentary Consultation and Evaluation. As a brokerage, the John Amann Agency represents over three dozen highly rated companies so they can offer the most advanced benefits structure for their small employer clients.

About John Amann

A Baby Boomer and former professional hockey player who retired at 21 before the League expansion, John Amann spent the next 28 years managing the International Sales of a European Chemical manufacturer. During his tenure, he enjoyed traveling all over Canada and Europe, retiring in 1993. John moved to Houston, became a US Citizen, and began building an insurance agency focused on helping Small Employers. His agency served the Health Insurance needs of individuals, and their families as well as Medicare recipients as John was able to demystify Medicare to help his clients make sense of its ever-changing rules and regulations.

In early 2,000 John’s business began to expand to serve the new and growing Small Employer market wanting to offer health benefits to their employees. The agency became a Benefits Consultancy helping Small Employers navigate the regulations, IRS, ACA, ERISA CAFETERIA 125 PLANS, the DOL, and their reporting requirements.

Later in 2015, after John sold his business that had grown to a staff of 62, he realized that, “retirement is not his thing.” So, serial entrepreneur John Amann launched the John Amann Agency, that is solely focused on helping small employers, in addition, John is a member of several Human Resources groups, and Oil & Gas Energy groups.

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