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The recent update will give companies access to the latest in neuromarketing approaches, which will allow them to improve customer buying journeys and increase revenues.

More information is available at https://www.neuralexperience.io

Digital marketing is as much an art as it is a science. Understanding target consumer wants, needs, and behaviors is key to the success of any marketing plan or advertising campaign. The neuromarketing experts at NX are updating their neuroscience-based approaches so that technologies deliver a more rewarding customer experience.

NX integrates neurobiology into web development, design, AI, UX, and digital marketing campaigns to better engage target audiences with platform interfaces for a more biologically aligned user experience. This means the agency unifies the way the brain assesses information to direct behaviors with the design of their digital marketing plans for optimized outcomes.

The company has been revolutionizing technology for over 12 years with the development and implementation of over 1,000 websites and IT projects. Their marketing teams average a 180% ROI and their software powers over $200 million in annual revenue.

Neuroscience-based digital marketing leverages cutting-edge research in brain function to deliver digital content and designs that resolve the problems companies detect in their marketing efforts.

The team works alongside in-house teams, and, when necessary, will build a powerful digital team for their clients to deliver industry-leading branding, market positioning, website UX and UI, video marketing, social media marketing expertise.

NX is the product of a merger between JayNine Inc. and David Baur-Ray. The agency uses the latest research in neurology and user experience as the basis for its NX analysis offering, neuromarketing, local SEO and SEM, content marketing, and digital advertising.

An NX spokesperson says, “We provide full turnkey, ready-to-integrate solutions for your business while complementing your in-house team and filling in your marketing gaps for increased revenues and long-term sustainability.”

With an update in digital solutions to integrate the latest discoveries in neuroscience with digital marketing strategies, the team at NX are giving their clients the competitive edge they need to drive qualified traffic, improve revenues, and optimize profitability.

For additional details, interested parties are advised to visit https://www.davidbaur-ray.com

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