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The product of a merger between website and software development agency JayNine Inc., and successful digital marketing director David Baur-Ray, digital marketing solutions agency Neural Experience (NX) uses a proprietary neurobiologically optimized approach to online marketing to produce more effective touch points during their clients’ customer buying journeys. A recent update in technologies means clients can expect the latest in innovative neuromarketing strategies customized to meet their overall goals.

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NX takes the user experience to a more human level by creating a digital ecosystem of services that integrates a brand’s digital touch points with how customers consume information and learn. Newly updated approaches in these neuromarketing processes will help NX clients resolve digital roadblocks to produce more efficient and cost-effective campaigns.

With a team of trained neuromarketing experts, brand creators, copywriters, and software developers, NX creates a biologically optimized digital experience rooted in leading-edge design and business strategies. The agency bridges the gap between the way customers navigate and internalize information and their desire to engage and buy in.

To date, NX clients are averaging a 180% return on their projects and campaigns. Furthermore, every company that has implemented the team’s full inbound marketing strategies have expanded their office spaces within one year.

As one of the industry’s most advanced full-service digital marketing agencies, Neural Experience offers NX analysis, software development, web design and development, neuromarketing, SEO, local SEO and SEM, and content marketing services.

By combining earned, owned, and paid media with an understanding of the subconscious desires of their clients’ customer buying behaviors, NX builds high-performance digital marketing campaigns designed to give their clients a significant edge over their competitors.

A recent client says, “David and the team at NX are experts in their craft. They are very knowledgeable in building brands. There were so many marketing aspects I would have overlooked without this agency’s help. They have been an invaluable resource to my firm.”

By updating their proprietary neuromarketing approaches, the team at Neural Experience (NX) are helping struggling companies reach new levels of growth, sales and profitability at a fraction of the time and cost traditional advertising methods demand.

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Neural Experience (NX)
Neural Experience (NX)
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