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Boston, MA May 10th -John Feloni, Best-selling author, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Stock Squirrel, Inc a FinTech startup which he is bringing to market shortly.announced today that his book, “The Covenant Secret: The Master Key to Success,” is now available on Amazon as a paperback. The book is a quick-read business parable, it is a story that is perfect for these times of tension and strained relationships. The hostility and unfriendliness produced from a contentious political environment including the war in Ukraine has spilled over into the business world. it’s not a good situation. Relationships matter! It’s pretty much universally agreed that how to develop the optimal and effective personal relationships is by far the most valuable skill in today’s world. In the book, the author explores the perennial business question: What is the paramount resource of business, money or people? And comes up with the definitive answer: “It’s the People, Stupid!”

Explore the 7 Covenant Principles; The Professional/Client Relationship; the benefits of being a Relationship Professional; The Covenant Secret Dictate; and The Covenant Secret itself. Readers will examine with the author the significance and value of gratitude, honor, trust, character, influence and community. They will probe and get to understand the power of a “fiduciary” relationship in ALL their relationships.

The world of personal development, self-help, personal growth, self-improvement, motivational and inspirational works is vast and there are great books out there for anyone in search of self and purpose and making themselves more effective and better people. Within all these works is the common thread of the profound magnitude of establishing and utilizing relationships with people. Well, The Covenant Secret focuses on how to create superior and effective relationships and teaches how to be a master of the art of building relationships, the foundation of all success.

Mr. Feloni, co-author of the bestseller, “The Fall of the House of Hutton” (1989, Henry Holt & Harper Collins), the story of the Wall Street brokerage firm, has an extensive Wall Street, entrepreneurial, CEO and personal coaching background (see his biography on LinkedIn), and now The Covenant Secret is available on Amazon.

John’s book has received scores of FIVE star reviews from his readers. They love how easy it was to implement his ideas and how it has changed their lives.

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